the yellow trench coatYou cannot deny that you had to stare an extra second at this mustard yellow coat right? There is a funny story behind this coat yeah and it was actually part of my London adventure. My shopping adventure that is. I should have put a photo of this coat in the diary as well (check out my London diary, here)

After Summerset on the second day, I met up with my blogger sweety Jasmin (What defines us) to go shopping! We only made it to three shops though (Zara, Victoria Secret & Topshop).
So imagine me walking through the beautiful new collection of Zara and couldn’t take my eyes of this yellow trench. I immediately had to try it on in front of the first mirror I could find. Yep, just what I was afraid of.. It is gorgeous!!

But, like I do with every potential acquisition, I had to get through the ‘current’ fixation to avoid regrets on the long term.
So, I always ask myself these questions first:

1. Do I need this? Do I have something similar already?
2. How will I style this with my current wardrobe?
3. Is the price worth it? (How many times do I predict to wear it)

To be honest, I would not have bought this coat because it simply didn’t pass my own verdict:

  1. I already have a few trench coats (not in this color though.. It will be unique in my wardrobe though.. oh snap..)
  2. Aah easy to style, you can pimp any outfit with this colorful thing. (But will people get tired of this color in a while? Maybe it’s just a phase I go through right now, because I feel so inspired by the streetstyle of LFW to go wild.)
  3. Oeff.. £70.. that’s almost €90 (it is cheaper in The Netherlands). And I wouldn’t wear it every day.

So while all these things were going through my tired mind (because I was hopping to places the whole day already due to LFW), there was this lady standing next to me. Watching me. Once I put down the coat with the biggest reluctance, she said:
“That coat looked sooo good on you! My mother bought me this coat in Spain, but I don’t like that color on me and I cannot return it here in The UK. Do you want to buy it from me for only £25?”
WHAT?! I just couldn’t believe it! She solved all my doubts with this offer. And it was even in the right size! YES, DEAL!!

Now that’s what I call lucky! After this, the shopping spree continued to Topshop. Jasmin and I split up for 45 minutes, because the Topshop in Oxford St is HUGE! I was in love with this bag in the ‘Etui bags’ shop in shop. I was talking to the designer of those magnificent bags, and he explained that he only makes one piece of each of his bags, so you always have a unique one.
Although I could have said “yes” to all my verdict questions, it was way over my London budget. Happily, the designer was so nice to give me extra discount on this bag to help me out a bit haha.. So yeah.. I am the happy owner of two awesome purchases that day!

“I LOVE shopping in London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Yellow trench coat Yellow trench coat Yellow trench coat Yellow trench coat Green bag Yellow trench coat From where I stand Yellow trench coat Yellow trench coat

Invito - chelsea boots met slangenprint

Yellow trench coat

coat: Zara
top: Pull & Bear
shorts: She Inside
belt: Moschino
bag: Etui bags
shoes: Invito
watch: Daniel Wellington (use the code ‘hashtagbylily’ to get 15% discount on the watch (until end september))

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