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The last episode of the Wonderful Indonesia adventure. I think it took me this long to post this article, because I didn’t want to say good bye to this unforgettable trip yet. In Bali we were traveling with the whole crew together for 10 days already, that felt like a family at this point. Gosh I miss everyone so much. The price we pay for the richness of knowing and loving people in more than one place. But hey, I have made memories to cherish forever. Hopefully until as soon as possible!

I have been to Bali 2 times before, so I was a bit familiar with this place already. Still, there is so much more to explore and I am pretty sure that this isn’t my last time here. Culture, nature and food. The last days went by in a blink of an eye. I hoped you guys enjoyed the whole Wonderful Indonesia serie!

Day 11

• Flying from Komodo Island to Bali
• Lunch at restaurant PepPeneRo
• Uluwatu temple
• Kecak dance performance
• Mercure Kuta hotel

Bali airport

On our way to the bus I saw a lot of these butterflies in different sizes and colors on the floor.
From where I stand butterfly Bali airport

Lunch at restaurant PepPeneRo

After weeks of Indonesian food it was nice to have Italian food for a change at restaurant PepPeneRo :)

Lunch at restaurant PepPeneRo

Uluwatu temple

Second time for me to wander around Uluwatu temple (Balinese sea temple), but it was my first time watching the Kecak dance performance. This is a different version of the same Indonesian Ramayana saga story that we saw at the Prambanan temple in Yogya (see here). Watching the show while the sun sets in the sea in the background completes the experience.

Note: entering any Hindu temple in Bali you need to (both men and women) cover the legs below the knee. If not you can always rent a sarong at these places.

Uluwatu temple sarong

Monkey at Uluwatu

Uluwatu temple view

Kecak dance performance fire uluwatu temple sun set

Kecak dance performance uluwatu temple

Uluwatu sunset

Kecak dance performance fire uluwatu temple

Day 12

• Local market
• Cooking class at Rumah Desa
• Dinner at restaurant Warung Made

Local market

Early morning at the local market before our cooking class. Lots of flowers you can buy here for the, Canang sari, daily offerings made by Balinese Hindus. You find these offerings everywhere on the streets.

I am always eager to try new or fresh things at these kinds of markets. So I bought some coconut from this lady. She put the coconut water in a little plastic bag. The way to drink it, is to make a little hole to let the water drop.

Local market flowers

Local market Bali

Local market Bali
Drinking coco from a bag

Cooking class at Rumah Desa

Rumah Desa is a big cooking class resort which is situated in a tranquil village surrounded by nature. We made satés in groups under the watch of the chefs. After this we had a little excursion to see how coconut traditionally is prepared and explored the rice fields in a little hike. This was a really fun afternoon with a great mix of culture, nature and food.

Cooking class at Rumah Desa

Cooking class at Rumah Desa

Cooking class at Rumah Desa

Cooking class at Rumah Desa

International travel bloggers

traditional Indonesian shoes

Cooking class at Rumah Desa

Cooking class at Rumah Desa

Cooking class at Rumah Desa desert

Nicole Lily Franxcesca
Hat models with @thatfoodcray and @itsfranxcesca :D PH by @g0ldeng0h

Cooking class at Rumah Desa

rice fields bali

rice fields bali

Day 13

• Ubud
• Lunch at Bebek tepi sawah
• Farewell dinner at Potato head beach club

Lunch at Bebek Tepi Sawah

Lunch break at this beautiful outdoor restaurant, surrounded by sawahs (rice paddies).

Bebek tepi sawah restaurant

Bebek tepi sawah restaurant dish

Bebek tepi sawah restaurant

@malaysiaasia photobombing my picture with @r_djangkaru
hanny Kusumawati
Beautiful Hanny (@beradadisini) in traditional wear.

Free time

I have been to the Monkey forest before, so I skipped this part to wander around Ubud looking for batik. There were sooo many choices that I end up buying nothing! And yep, now I regret.

batik shop bali

Potato head beach club

This was such a bitter sweet night at our farewell dinner hosted at Potato head beach club. Perfect sunset pictures can be taken here. The minister of Tourism joined us for dinner here. Some people held a little speech. I think everyone was really happy and grateful for this opportunity. I sure am!
After dinner we partied all night long at La Favela. Perfect last day of a perfect trip.

Potato head beach club

Potato head beach club

Wonderful indonesia bloggers
My dear new friends @thatfoodcray, @jesso, @charlene22, @seoul_stateofmind

Potato head beach club sunset

What a coincidence to bump into @yara_michels in Bali!!!

Potato head beach club

Asian bloggers
More beautiful blogger ladies: @itsfranxcesca, @shennyyang, @charlene22 , @ccfoodtravel, @saltandtruffles
Team Wonderful indonesia bloggers
The whole crew. Miss you guys!!

Day 14

• Breakfast Hotel Mercure
• Lunch at Jamie Oliver restaurant

Lunch at Jamie Oliver

Around the corner of our hotel in Kuta, we went to Jamie Oliver restaurant for a Western meal. I was craving for a healthy salad after 2 weeks. How cute is the watermelon cut :)

Jamie Oliver bali lunch

Mercure Hotel

Quick swim at the hotel before our flight back to The Netherlands. Hotel Mercure is located in Kuta. The infinity pool on the roof has a view over the sea.

Merculre hotel

Mercure hotel bali

Mercure hotel bali

infinity pool mercure hotel bali


This trip was in collaboration with The Ministry of Tourism Indonesia
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