What’s on my iPhone 11 Pro

iphone 11 pro

This girl is the happy owner of an iPhone 11 pro. The biggest reason I couldn’t wait to use the iPhone 11 pro is the triple-lens camera that makes my job so much easier. The wide angle lens really changed the photography and videography game, but I am also very impressed with the night time camera feature.

Besides creating content, what else am I doing with my iPhone 11 pro? Since I have 512 GB storage, I have plenty of apps (and 30.000+ photos) of which at least 50% I barely use. Nevertheless, about 20% of them I use every single day next to the usual, Instagram, Youtube, Netflix, weather apps.

Some of them I need for work, some for pleasure, some for convenience. I am going to share ten of my favorite apps below. I wonder how many of these we have in common. And please let me know which apps you can’t live without!?



Getting rewards for walking for free..say what? I have used this app for about a year now. It tracks your steps of the day and converts them to 'Sweatcoins'. You can save them up to spend on free apps, discounts and products such as an iPhone X.
It is a great motivation to take some extra steps, to a healthier lifestyle!!

Let's be friends there, download the app with my link --> here


To track my menstrual cyclus I use the P.Log app.
It is a great way to keep up with your cycle, especially when your not regularly, it will give you insights of your symptoms. Another great function is the pop up reminders before your expected period starts.


There is always a game app that I am hooked on for a period. After candy crush, mahjong, I now play Ruzzle in my free time to relax. You can challenge your friends or other players to find as many words possible with sixteen letters within two minutes. I am this fanatic player who can’t stop and try to find as many friends possible to play with. You’re warned, it’s very addictive!


For quick video editing, to cut clips and adjust formats, I use Inshot! The elements are super easy to use with a lot of options. I get a lot of questions from my followers about how I can edit my stories and videos. Mostly because the effects looks super professional with this app.

You can do a lot already with the free version. I bought some of the advanced effects, which are well-worth the price.  


Since I barely make time to read, audiobooks are an ideal solution for me. I love listening to e-books, mostly at night. Storytel has an enormous assortment of titles. I mostly listen to novels and self-help books. Ever since I have a Storytel subscription, I have “read” so many books that I couldn’t find the time for before. 


If you want to give your Instagram Stories a cool frame, I can recommend Storyluxe to you. The free version already offers a variety of frames for one to six photos. I often use the ‘camera film’ template, but there are plenty to choose from to take your Stories to a next level.



This is an app for awesome video & photo filters. I mostly use Prequel to give my Instagram Stories a boost with their visual aesthethic effects such as; a VHS, Film and Sparkles. 

I do find it quite expensive to use the paid version, so I found a hack to still use the filters by hiding the ad with a layer of text when you post it on Instagram Stories. 


I love listening to podcasts, I often include a recommendation in my favorites of the month. I get inspired and motivated by listening to insightful conversations from experts. I use the app 'Podcasts' from Apple as a library. Check here for the article about my favorite podcasts that I follow.


You might have heard of this app already. Headspace is the mindful meditate guide. This app was my first introduction to meditation and I use it in the morning before a busy day.

The mind exercises are stress relieving meditations and mindfulness techniques that I find useful for different levels of users. 



This photo editing app is very advanced. The editing process is smooth and easy to use.
I mostly use the "perspective" function to tilt photos where I am standing, so I appear a bit longer. Furthermore, I like to customize selective parts of a photo on the light and saturation. Lastly, the 'equalize' function is a miracle tool to clean up small things like dirt on the ground or a pimple ;)


*This article is created in collaboration with T-Mobile