What's in my Gedebe bag?

Gedebe bag

 As you might have noticed, I am trying to be more active on the blog again. I told you before that this is my favorite space to be and I always try to find ways so you keep coming back ;) But mostly to create content that makes me happy too. On Instagram I asked in a poll whether you would like to see a ‘what’s in your bag’ or a ‘what are my favorite beauty articles’ post. The score was somewhat equal, so I am going to make them both!

Two more things. First, I just moved into a new office and I am on cloud nine! This little space motivates me even more to create things and being productive in general. The moment the light hit my desk, I decided to shoot all the pics.
Second, the bag! I got this back from my birthday last week. I didn’t know the brand before, but I am absolutely smitten by it! It’s the most adorable bag that I own for sure!

It’s not a big bag, but I manage to fit a lot of things in it. So let’s start!

What's in my bag Hashtag by lily

1. Cart holder 

I used to love big wallets, but in the end I don’t use much of it. Also, I am mostly wearing small bags, so a cart holder will save you a lot of space. This one from Mango is pretty practical because I can also store some coins on the other side.

cart holder: Mango (similar)

Mango multiple cart holder

— More cart holder options —

2. Phone

This case is not very protective for a fall (I broke my screen in Paris :(), but it’s pretty cute! I got the Lancôme grip-on in a goodie bag. I play with that grip-on the whole time (who does that too?! *lol)

phone case: Ideal of sweden

Ideal sweden phone case lancome phone ring

3. Key chain

Office keys and bike keys, I put them both in the key pouch so it won’t damage the inside of my bag.

key chain wallet: Rabeanco / key chain: Chloé 

rabeanco wallet

4. Make up to go essentials

My favorite part of the ‘what’s in my bag’. I can’t live without these beauty items in my bag with brands that I adore!

1. lip balm: Lancôme
I am addicted to lip balm! I normally have Blistex in my bag, but I just got this one from Lancôme that is so fancy!

2. eye liner: Lancôme
Now the weather is getting colder, I get tears in my eyes very easily, which lead to panda eyes. I have my ultimate favorite eye liner now with me to fix the wings.

3. powder: Charlot Tilbury
I have to say that I don’t use this powder during the day, I use this as a mirror. Nevertheless, it’s the best finishing powder I have tried so far. Lots of beauty Youtubers agrees with this! I use the color ‘2 medium’.

4. perfume: Jo malone London
When I leave home in the morning, I often come back by night after dinner. Especially when I am on the bike I need some perfume to refresh a little bit in between. Again, this ‘English pear & freesia’ is my all time favorite perfume from Jo Malone London. Lots of people ask me what I am “wearing” when I use this perfume.

5. lipstick: Clinique
For a some color on my lips I have this pink one (no. 20 Sugar pop) from Clinique.

6. wonder cream: Embryolisse
Can’t go without the miracle cream. The cold weather and the heater dries out my skin, I have to keep it moisturized every now and then.

Make up to go essentials

5. Sunnies

Love the sunny fall days. I brought this one with me for on the bike.

sunglasses: Prada

Prada sunglasses black


A normal office day. I thought I bring some more colors in my life with this top from Asos. This bag goes along with everything!

top: Asos / belt: Gucci / jeans: Levi’s 
phone case: Ideal of sweden / shoes: Lily Laurel / bag: Gedebe

Asos stripe shirt gedebe bag mirrorselfie

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