Last month I booked a ticket to Valencia the day before departure. So, no research and trust from recommendations that this city is amazing.

It was a speedy visit of 2 nights, so we had to make the most of it. This city has quickly become one of my favorite Spanish cities. There is just so much to do, to see and to eat. Therefore, I would recommend to stay a little bit longer, 4 to 5 nights would be perfect.

Drink orange juice (orange city), order a horchata with a Farton and eat Paëlla. It’s a relatively cheap city to be.

Here are some tips and my highlights of our weekend in Valencia! For a more detailed experience of our trip, you can watch the vlog below.

1. Rent a bike

The best way to explore Valencia must be by bike. Everything in cycling distance. There are a lot of cycle paths, but not always clear.

Valencia by bike

2. Turia Park

Take a stroll or bike in the enormous Turia Park (it used to be a river). You can compare this park as the “Central Park” of NYC! It’s so beautiful and there are so many different things to see and to do.

Turia-park valencia

3. Science Park

The icon of Valencia is the Science Park “Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias”. It took over two decennia to build this enormous futuristic park. And how amazing is the Palm tree garden?

Valencia Science park
Science park science park

4. Mercado Centrale

Mercado Centrale is one of the biggest indoor market of Europe. You will find lots of local food here like, jamon (ham), seafood, olives and fruit.

Mercado centrale valencia

5. Old town

My favorite part of Valencia was the old town. Very authentic and just so beautiful. Every street is pinterest/Instagram worthy! You will find lots of restaurants with terraces and little boutiques. Also, you will find a lot of wall art everywhere. Take your time to explore the streets here.

Wall art valencia si no
valencia old town
Purple esprit coat

6. Plaza de la Virgen

In old town you find the famous square called Plaza de la Virgen with a fountain and a view on the cathedral.
We were here on a Sunday, where we could enjoy a show with traditional Spanish dance.

Spanish dancers valencia plaza de la Virgen

7. Funfair

There is a big funfair in Valencia at the harbour. We were too early, so most of the attractions were still closed. We did go into Mr. Bean.
I had so much fun in there as it was an extensive parcour! (check it out in the vlog below)

funfair valencia

8. Rooftop bar

Me, the sunset chaser, always looking for rooftop bars to watch epic sunsets in the cities. I found one at Ateneo skybar.  For 3€ entrace fee,  you can enjoy a 360 degrees view of Valencia on the 8th floor.

address: Carrer de Moratín, 12

Ateneo skybar sunset

9. BASTARD coffee & kitchen

Hotspot of the town? This place is uber hip and the pancakes & waffles are DELICIOUS!!

address: C/Leandro de Saralegui 1
website: www.bastardcoffeekitchen.com

bastard coffee & kitchen valencia blue jumper
Bastard coffee & kitchen valencia hotspot

10. Horchateria

Try out the local traditional drink called ‘Horchata’. This Valencian drink tastes like a milkshake. Furthermore, you should also order a ‘Farton’, a thin pastry with thin layer of sugar. Horchata and Farton are traditionally served together.

Recommended Horchateria: Horchateria Santa Catalina
Placa de Santa Caterina 6
website: www.horchateriasantacatalina.com

Horchateria Valencia

11. Paëlla

Personally I always crave paëlla when I’m in Spain. It’s always a challenge to find a good one though. We asked a local waitress for recommendations and she told us to go to Almudin.
Well, when we entered the restaurant later we saw her eating there as well, so it must be good right?!
It was mouth watering good and I love the authentic decoration of the restaurant as well.

address: Placa de Sant Lluis Bertran 1

Paella at almudin valencia
Paella restaurant valencia almudin

12. Brunch corner

We had brunch at Brunch corner which is located at the famour Plaza de la Virgin. We sat outside, but inside looks really cute as well!

address: Carrer del Comte d’Almodóvar 1
website: brunchcornerlavirgen.business.site

pancake breakfast brunch corner valencia

Valencia VLOG

What to do in Valencia?

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