I enjoy discovering new places that aren’t that obvious in all tourist flyers yet. Umbria is the perfect example. Umbria is located in the middle of Italy, south of Florence. I think I have sold this destination to a lot of people by showing all the pictures.

You will find authentic Italian city marks, where the locals are doing siesta every day between approximately 12.30-16.00. By car is the easiest way to get around. We went to a different town every day, so much to explore! Here is a summary of all my tips and high lights of a week in region Umbria.

1. Interhome

We drove by many lovely villas on our way to our own villa for the week. I stayed here with my best friends in total 10 persons. This villa has a tennis court and a swimming pool!

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2. Trasimeno lake

We were lucky that our villa was outlooking this gorgeous lake. From every angle is it just stunning. Fun element is that you find some frames around this lake to take pictures of. As you can see, I have only seen beautiful sunsets here every single night.

Trasimeno lake sunset view

Trasimeno lake frame

Trasimeno lake dock sunset view umbria italy

3. Assisi

Personally, Assisi was my favorite town that we had visited. It was lively with nice little shops and restaurants. You can do a little hike up hill and have a nice view over the famous Sint-Franciscus monastery.

Assisi hill view

Sint-Franciscus Assisi monastery

Assisi umbria italy

pasticceria caffetteria ice cream high tea Perugia

4. Perugia

The capital city of Umbria is Perugia. Also a very lively city with lots of students. We were so lucky to have been here when there was a chocolate festival (once a year). Here you can go for shoppings and surely for the lovely alley views too. The first photo here below is my most reposted photo on Instagram ever!! We bumped into pizza cones, which was of course another Instagram moment and it was so yummy!

Perugia umbria italy

perugia cafe with a view

Perugia pizza cone

5. Trevi

A town on a hill that is surrounded by olive trees. Get lost in the medieval streets and little alleys here. We had a delicious lunch at the cute Taverna del Sette restaurant. After this we really enjoyed the beautiful views around this town.

Trevi village umbria italy


trevi taverna del sette restaurant

trevi view umbria italy

6. Porcelain

Find local porcelain treasures at Passignano sul Trasimeno. The best souvenirs to take home if you ask me. I couldn’t pick, so many to choose from and the lady who sold me the porcelain even gave me discount without me asking for it.


7. Cevita di Bagnoregio

I was determined to visit this Pinterest worthy place on a plateau of volcanic tuff. Especially during sunset it looked so mysterious. Serious ‘Game of Thrones’ vibes here. Definitely worth the visit. You do have to pay an entrance fee (€3) to go up here, to fund the ‘dying city’ for urgent structural constructions, because it’s a matter of time before it will collapse in the ravine.

Cevita di Bagnoregio

8. Marmore waterfall

The highest man-made waterfall in the world (165 meters). That I had to see with my own eyes. It’s surreal that the ancient Romans built this. Look up the time schedule before you go though, because there are only sloths of an hour for the powerful rush of water before they switch it off! Yep, they really “switch off” a waterfall!

Manmore waterfall

Marmore waterfall

9. Outlet

In Barberino you find a McArthurGlen outlet with many high end fashion lifestyle brands. Now, there should also be a big Gucci mall near our villa. I can bang my head against the wall not knowing that when we were there. I guess, this is another reason why I should go back to Umbria!

McArthurGlen outlet italy Barberino


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