What to do in Mexico?

What to do in Mexico?

Mexico is one of my favorite tropical place to go. It was my second time to visit the area Quintana Roo and Yucatan. I tried to sum up my favorite places with some tips to go in this article. 
Celeste and I stayed here for only one week. Next time visiting Mexico I would love to rent a car and go a little bit further to explore the pink lake, lake with the flamingos and much more. 

There are lot of arranged tours that you can book, however it’s so much more expensive then if you go to those places by yourself. Between Playa del Carmen en Tulum you can take the local collectivo bus and for further destinations you can go with the big ADO busses. 

The people here are super friendly. As the minimal wage is about €3,90 per hour, they really live from their tips. The tip is normally between 10-15%. 

What to order:
– Mango with salt & chilli (you can buy this on the street. They often sell in on the beach too)
– Flaming Cheetos, living in Europe we can’t buy these addictive hot cheetos.
– Taco, everywhere you can order taco. Try to look for the more local ones! 
– Hibiscus & tamarin drink, probably not from Mexico, but you can order it here and it’s really refreshing.

Mexico is one of my favorite tropical destination

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen was our home station for the week. It’s a very touristic part of Mexico. 

5th avenue is the main attraction here, where all the big stores and bars are. 

From Playa del Carmen it is easy to travel to other places.

Location Colectivo bus to Tulum

Playa del Carmen: Calle 2, between 15th and 20th Avenues

max. 45 pesos (fixed prices)

Hotel HM Playa del Carmen

HM Playa del Carmen is located very close to the beach and the 5th avenue. It’s an affordable place to stay.

My favorite thing of the hotel was the breakfast buffet with fresh juices, fruit and eggs of choice. the rooms are simple and clean.  

Address: Avda Constituyentes s/n entre calles 15 y 20 Norte, Centro, 77720 Playa del Carmen, Q.R

Beach clubs

Because our hotel wasn’t located at the beach, they got a deal with Kool beachclub. There are plenty of beach clubs there, so pick any that you like.

When you rent a bed here, you can use the shower facilities and swim in the pool.  



Cenotes are truly nature’s beauty wonder. It’s natural pit/sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of stones that exposes groundwater underneath. 

 Some of the cenotes were used for sacrificial offerings by the ancient Maya. 

There are more than 2.000 cenotes in the region Yucatan and Quintana Roo.

Cenote Azul

There are plenty of cenotes in the Yucatan and Quinroo to visit. I have been to cenote Azul before, so I knew it was easy to go from Playa del Carmen with the Colectivo van that stops at the entrance (35 pesos for the ride).

100 pesos entrance fee per person.
Avoid the weekends and holidays at cenotes, because lots of locals are going here too.

 More cenote suggestions:
– Grand cenote
– Il Kil cenote


ps: you will see lots of lizards here.

lizard at Cenote azul


Tulum is a piece of paradise. It’s well-known for the Maya ruins at the beautiful coast line. This place is touristy, but much more laid back then Playa del Carmen. The vibes remind me of Bali Indonesia with lots of beautiful beach clubs/resorts and boutiques.
As you can see on the photos, it’s Instagram paradise too!


  • Rent a bike to explore Tulum (around 12 USD).
  • If you’re on a budget, the hotels at Tulum center are much cheaper than on the beach (Taxi ride to the beach clubs  from the city should be between 100-150 pesos).

Hotel Playa Canek

Although it’s a bit more expensive, it’s worth it to book a hotel with a sea view. There is something about waking up with the breeze and sounds of the see that triggers your happiness factor times 10! The choice is plenty at Tulum. We picked this eco lodge, with a hammock on the terrace. 

hotel playa canek tulum sea view room
eco hotel playa canek tulum


Like I said, there a lots of amazing beach clubs here. Nômade belongs in this top list. It’s a luxury hotel resort, where you can have food and chill out on the beach. It looks like paradise! Like most of the beach clubs there is a minimum spend of 50 USD to lay on a bed at the beach. The food we ordered was really delicious! 


Address: Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila km 10.
Website: nomadetulum.com


There are so many lovely shops in Tulum. Most of them are quite luxury boutiques. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to do shoppings. We did pass by this cute straw bag boutique (sorry I forget the name) between our hotel Playa Canek and Gitano. 

Shopping tulum

Matcha Mama

The Instagram hotspot of Tulum with good reason. Matcha mama serves nice acai bows, good coffee, kombucha, smoothies and more. The best thing is that you can consume this on a swing!


address: 470 Zona Hotelera
Instagram: @matchamamatulum


Yucatán is a beautiful area to explore with lots of attractions like the famous Chichen Itza, cenote Ik Kilso and more.

We took a bus of three hours from Playa del Carmen, to go to the the eastern part of Yucatán to visit the city Valladolid, a former Maya city.

This authentic Mexican place is a great city to spend a day, exploring the history, colorful architecture from the colonial era. It was definitely, one of the high lights of our trip!


Don’t book an expensive tour via an agency. Take an ADO bus, which departures from several places (including Playa del Carmen and Tulum). A single ticket will cost around 186 pesos (retour is around €20). It’s a very comfortable bus, where you can watch movies on a screen.

Colonial street

The streets are full with colorful colonial houses. I haven’t been to Cuba before, but I can only imagine that Havana would like this.

  • Start at the crossing of 41st and 46th street in Valladolid and take the small diagional street (41stA). That’s the prettiest street in town!


The Square with the cathedral is the most important attraction of the city. We walked around a little bit, which was nice, there was even a group of people performing a traditional dance.


We bumped into this cute lunch room. We had our lunch already, so we sat down for an ice coffee.

Calz. de Los Frailes 228C, Sisal, 97784 Valladolid

Yutsil valladolid

La Casona

We were not too impressed with the food here, but it’s a nice place to sit with a little garden in the middle.

Address: Calle 41 214, Centro, 97780 Valladolid Centro

La Casona valladolid
Valladolid la casona

La Calzada

This is a nice place to have a drink on their rooftop. From up there you have a nice view of the pretty street (Calle 41st).

Address: Calz. de Los Frailes 208, Centro, Valladolid

La Calzada terrace valladolid
La Calzada rooftop terrace


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