What I wore in Mexico

Hate to talk about the weather, but the sunny days here in The Netherlands truly makes me happy :) That eases the “pain” that I am not in Tropical Mexico anymore. Gosh what an amazing time I had over there with Celeste. In my next article you find all my tips and tricks of Mexico, for now I want to show you all the looks, which 90% consisted of swimwear ;)

x Lily

1. Bright bikini

The first day in Mexico was about chilling at the beach. I wore this bright orange bikini. It felt comfortable to have a high waist bottom, but not necessarily recommended for sun bathing.

bikini top: Weekday  shorts: Esprit / sunglasses: Komono / hat: Brixton (similar here) / bag: Esprit

2. Tropical swimsuit

For one thing, I know I can count on River Island when it comes down to swimwear every year. I love this tropical one with the sexy cut outs. 

swimsuit: River Island / sunglasses: Komono


4. Hawaii girl

This outfit could have been taken in Hawaii if you didn’t know the location right? The vibes, the look.. I say, let’s go to Hawaii next!

top: Zara /skirt: Forever21


5. Strawberry dress

Celeste picked out this dress for me, as I didn’t have time to visit the Esprit store before the trip. Of course I knew I could trust her with this, I mean, how cute is the strawberry dress?! 

dress: Esprit – (similar here) / bag: Zara / shoes: River Island (similar here) / sunglasses: Komono



6.  Goddess

I’m not gonna flatter myself too much with the title, but the whole scenery and the white bathing suit was just made for a picture perfect. These were my favorite photos of the trip!!

hair accessory: Forever21 /  swimsuit: Oysho



7. Blue hues

Note to myself, don’t ride a bike with a maxi skirt! After these pictures I got stuck and damaged the skirt. Anyhow, I really enjoy wearing a combination like this :) Sexy and to me very comfy.

top: Bershka / skirt: h&m (similar here) / sunglasses: Ray-Ban / bag: Bershka

8. Bikini day

The best thing of a resort is walking in your bikini the whole day. Though I am quite aware of myself and always need a skirt, kimono or shorts to cover up when I am not sunbathing.


bikini: River Island /  shorts: Weekday / sunglasses: Komono /  bag: (similar here)


9. Yellow

When I am tanned enough I really love to wear yellow. It pops out so nicely.

top: Weekday /shorts: Esprit / bag: Zara  / sunglasses: Komono


10. Off-shoulder bikini

I think the off-shoulder bikini trend is so cute! With this one, you can easily get your arms out when you go sunbathing!

 bikini: River Island / shorts: Levi’s


11. Sexy swimsuit

I think swimsuits are so sexy and often so flattering for your figure. Especially with cut outs on the right places.

swimsuit: h&m / kimono: Oysho / sunglasses: Komono


12. Polka dot jumpsuit

I put this jumpsuit in my shopping basket, the second I saw it online. Comfy, flowy and cute!

jumpsuit: Zara / bag: similar here / shoes: Zara / sunglasses: Komono


13. Crop top skirt combo

What can I say then: very Lily :D 

top: Zara / skirt: Forever21 / shoes: River Island (similar here) / sunglasses: Forever21 (similar here)


14. Easy

Easy peasy look over my bikini, for cheetos shoppings at the supermarket, before a day at the beach.

dress: Forever21 (Simliar here) / shoes: Mango


15. Jungle maxi dress

This maxi dress was made for me, as I didn’t have to resize the length! Also, I love the color scheme and print of the dress. 

top: Weekday / shorts: Esprit / hat: brixton (similar here) / bag: Esprit


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