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As you may or may not know, I am born and raised in Eindhoven. I moved to Utrecht for 5 year for my bachelor study and then I moved to Amsterdam where I live for 6 years now. 

Eindhoven had always felt too small for me, so I knew I wanted to move away. Nonetheless, I do feel very connected to the city, as my parents and many of my close friends still live in my hometown.

I visit Eindhoven every 3 weeks, but I usually go to my parent’s toko (Amazing Sang Lee), followed my dinner with friends. When I walked in the city last weekend, I noticed how much has changed! So I decided to do some research on some hotspots and things to do in Eindhoven.

Then I stumbled upon VoltaGalvani. It’s a residence project, the most colorful block in Eindhoven! There is not much to do there, but I love what they have created here. It’s totally different from the whole city. So if you’re in the neighborhood, make sure to plan a little shoot here ;)

Hashtag by Lily Eindhoven Voltastraat
This body got rights RFSU x Monki tshirt

The most colorful street of Eindhoven

Navigate to Voltastraat or Galvanistraat and you will find it!

Red building eindhoven voltagalvani
Voltastraat eindhoven colorful street
Hashtag by Lily Outfit Eindhoven

Outfit details

Top: Bjorn Borg / tshirt (cut it myself): Monki / pants: Bershka / bag: Moschino (vintage) / shoes: River Island


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