An absolute must in your fall/winter wardrobe are turtlenecks! Funny that when I was younger, my mother always forced me to wear it underneath my clothes in the winter. I kinda hated it, to have something wrapped around my neck.

Nowadays I am collecting turtlenecks in every color to safe me from the cold in style. To me, turtleneck looks really classy on it’s own. And if you layer it with sweaters, dresses, blouse or jackets, it looks totally cool!

So this week’s spotlight goes out to the turtleneck in any variation!

  • Turtle neck on top on the post: Filippa K
    This was an outfit for Paris Fashion Week. Love the layering effect of this look. 
  • The white and brown ones next to each other are both from Uniqlo. I love that Uniqlo has a heat tech version of turtlenecks and even a special edition one in collaboration with Alexander Wang (the white one that I'm wearing).
  • The red turtle neck is from H&M studio collection. We shot these images for the campaign, more here. The fabric of this one is really thin, so I can easily layer it with other items. Yet it looks really sophisticated on its own.
  • Enjoying a bubble tea in NYC in my striped Love Moschino turtleneck. It's fun to have a turtleneck with a print or pattern. This way you can wear the turtleneck as a statement piece. 

Fun facts about turtlenecks

  • Turtleneck is not a universal term. In the UK they refer to them as polo necks while Australians call them skivvies
  • The turtlenecks became popular in the late 1900s. Turtlenecks used to be worn by menial workers, navy sailors or officers, and athletes. Later in the 20th century you saw more intellectuals such as artists and philosophers started to wear them. Steve Jobs signature look was wearing a (black) turtleneck.

Turtleneck inspiration

Turtleneck trend inspiration

1. Bottega Veneta,  €1550 / 2. & Other Stories, €69 / 3. River Island, €33   / 4. Calvin Klein, €404 / 5. & Other Stories, € 29 / 6. Mango, €39.99 / 7. Alexander Wang x Uniqlo,€39.90 / 8. P.A.R.O.S.H.,€256 / 9. LNA,€56

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