wedding guest

Wedding guest

Attending weddings of beloved ones is the most beautiful thing to witness. I ALWAYS cry at weddings.

Two of my best friends just got married in August. It was perfect! And I had the time of my life with all our friends together.

Since I am engaged, I tried to get inspiration everywhere I can. I haven't done any real planning yet, but by looking at some magazines, Instagram accounts and talking to newly weds, I am starting to know a little by little what I want. Of course I do discuss this with my fiancé :D

The wedding season is almost over. I have one more wedding coming up soon. And I believe it will be another perfect one. So to stay in the wedding vibes, I created this Wedding guest theme for spotlight of the week. I am so inspired for my own wedding now :D

Source of location and wedding cake images: Pinterest.

Wedding Guest Essentials

wedding guest essentials

1 Juan Carlos Obando, 317€ / 2 Chloé, 1490€ / 3 Ben Amun, 186€ / 4 Michelle Mason, 272€ / 5 Marzook, 583€ / 6 Brian Atwood, 465€ / 7 Estée Lauder, 26€

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