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Sportswear (with discount)

Going 10 rounds to the toilet and 100 rounds to the fridge during quarantine, is not the same amount of “fat burning” as my daily pre-quarantine life. Therefore I really need my workouts every day.

My tip: it really helps when you find a buddy or a group to do it together with via video call, to avoid slacking and quitting.
It’s so easy to make excuses to not do it. When you make a commitment to someone, and you change your mindset that a work out is something that you have to do (like breathing, eating, sleeping etc.) will make it easier to accept this and make it part of your lifestyle.

You can make it fun too! There are plenty of great workouts that you can find on Youtube and Instagram. And since I don’t have to dress up every day, my dress up party is now for the work out! 

So all these items are in my shopping basket at the moment! Now let’s sweat!!!!

On Saturday 11th of April it's National Glamour Day. You will get a discount of 20% at a lot of shops, like ASOS, H&M and Monki. Here is the list with discount codes. Happy shopping!



Sport legging Asos Purple
Asos Sport Legging Burgundy
Asos Sport Legging Blue


Asos Sport Top Red
Asos Sport Top Purple
Asos Sport Top Blue


H&M Sports Bra
H&M Sports Bra
H&M Sports Bra
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