I designed a necklace.

I am so excited to share the news with you that I designed a jewellery piece with SeeMe. To be exact, I designed a dainty necklace piece. Designing my own product with a brand has been a dream for some time. To start this incredible journey with a meaningful brand like SeeMe is just the cherry on top of the cake.

When I just started my blog, I discovered SeeMe via an agency. I borrowed some pieces to make photos with, because I really love the dainty pieces and the story behind the brand. “Each SeeMe item is handcrafted by brave women. And worn by amazing ones.” It’s such a powerful message. Below you find more information about the brand.

When they contacted me to host one of their events, I suggested to make the collaboration even more meaningful by designing my own piece. They reacted very enthusiastically and before I knew we were sketching my idea together. The processes went really smoothly.

As SeeMe has a heart shaped signature for every piece, I worked around this concept. The idea behind my necklace is about “Spread the love”. It consists of two pieces out of one. The smaller heart is crafted out of the round pendant. You can either wear it together, divided into two necklaces or give one away to a dear loved one.

I am over the moon with the result and I can’t wait to see incredible women wearing my piece. It will be a limited edition, so don’t wait too long ;) Please send me a DM if you wear one :) Thank you so much for the support and make one of my dreams come true <3

X, Lily

SeeMe-x-Hashtagbylily gold necklace

About SeeMe

SeeMe is more than just another jewellery brand. Founded in Tunisia by Caterina Occhio, SeeMe has became a safe haven for women, oftenly single mothers, who have suffered violence and were ostracized from their communities.

Why safe haven? SeeMe has become a training centre and a workplace for women who are deemed as lost. SeeMe became the source of income for these women, hence securing the future of their families and by applying ancient Tunisian techniques, SeeMe also fosters the Tunisian tradition.

Another great thing from SeeMe is also the fact that it has positively influenced and will keep on influencing established brands in the fashion world by supporting an ethical approach to their sourcing procedures.

So it’s not only that SeeMe is winning with their sleek heart-shaped jewellery, but also has a great cause to the world.


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SeeMe x HashtagbyLily

Available in Silver, Gold Plated and Different Chain Length

Price: €85-€105

5% discount code on all SeeMe jewellery: Hashtagbylily

The Designing Process


As I said before, the design process went really smooth. When I pitched my idea, we made the sketches right away (picture 1). We made decisions about the materials, size, clasp etc. A few weeks later I came back to see the samples (picture 2 & 3). We did the fitting, final minor changes and it was good to go for production. The whole process was just over two months. This Thursday there will be a small launch, for which I will host the event at the SeeMe store in Amsterdam. You can always hop in the store to see the necklace, as long as there is stock ;)

*In collaboration with SeeMe

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