Rob Peetoom Beauty market

I got invited by Rob Peetoom to visit their beauty market this week to experience different treatments they offer. How can I turn down a day of indulgence like this right?! I have been a loyal Rob Peetoom customer for years now. Knowing that they work with the best of the best, I can always surrender myself to the experts and really enjoy the treatments there. I even made a video of the afternoon this time!!

REDKEN Color Rebel
Redken color rebel riot purple

Like I said, it was an afternoon of indulgence. First I got welcomed with a glass of champagne. Ready for the first treatment that I chose: the Redken Color Rebel. It’s a brand new product, a hair make up for temporary hair color. It stays on for only two hair washes, so the perfect way to experiment with colors! I wanted to do something totally different and unexpected (for me at least ;)) and went for the ‘Purple Riot’. The amount of compliments on Instagram and random people on the streets make me consider to dye my hair like this permanently ;)

Rob Peetoom make up

I know Sensai and Young Blood have a fantastic make up line that I absolutely adore. I do have my own make up routine, mostly just by trying to make something out of it every day. Surely I can use some expert advise on products, applying and just generally what works for me. Always come out so much wiser about my own face after these consults. Check out the last post that I have dedicated on this subject at Rob Peetoom –>  here.


We all know how important eyebrows are to shape your face. Yet this is the hardest part of the make up routine for amateurs like me to shape it right. So this consult was the most valuable one of this afternoon.

The philosophy of Ingebrows is to work from the unique you. They first analyze your eyebrow history (might sound strange but apparently visible for experts) to give you the custom treatment that you need to shape the perfect brows for your face. I just had my make up done, so I still need to finish my Ingebrow treatment soon by dyeing them. was also present at this beauty market to promote their juices. I am a big fan of healthy juices, but I have never done a detox cure before. I am seriously considering to try the 3 days cure before the festive season starts and perhaps the 5 or 7 days cure after New Year. Cleanse my whole body to feel better. Have you ever done this before? Shall I do this?? offers a lot of juices to complement your daily nutrition or detox cures. Perfect for lazy people like me =D

Lastly I want to thank Rob Peetoom for spoiling me rotten this afternoon! Left with a big fat goodie bag filled with the best products to pamper myself even more at home. Now check out the video, to see how the afternoon went (don’t forget to watch in HD).



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