In collaboration with Peugeot, Esmee ( and I came up with this idea to make a road trip together with our ‘Instahubbies’. A weekend away to Frankfurt am Main isn’t the first place that would pop into your mind I bet. Well, it’s kind of a mini version of New York City, because of the skyscrapers. After this trip I can show you the reasons why Frankfurt is worth the visit.

— Shopping —

Frankfurt has a lot of (mainstream) shops to offer. Here are a few that pop out:

  • Zalando Outlet; a little bit outside the center there is this big outlet space of Zalando. You will find lots of goodies here for a good price (around 60% off), brands like Levi’s, Topshop and Tommy Hilfiger. All clothes are neatly sorted by color and size. I bought way too many shoes here and some clothes. Even the Instahubbies succeeded with shopping here.
  • Myzeil mall; this is a BIG shopping mall in the center. It has a really cool glass architectural design that reminded me of the malls in Dubai. For once it was really nice that it rained outside, because of the effect of the water on the glass.
  • Mango Outlet; next to the Myzeil their is a Mango store. If you go to the 3rd floor you will find a Mango outlet.

Mango outlet in Frankfurt

Zeill mall frankfurt am main

— Tourist mode —

I love to capture signature landmarks of cities. Here are a few places where you can go for that touristy picture moment:

  • Main Tower; for the panoramic view you must go to the 55th floor of the skyscraper Main Tower. The fee is €7,50 pp. Up there it feels a little bit like NYC. Especially during sunset you will get a beautiful view. There is also a restaurant on the 54th floor, but making a reservation is highly recommended.
  • Osthafenbrücke; from a few bridges over the Main river you will have a beautiful skyline view over Frankfurt. We drove to this one for the picture that you see on top of this article.
  • Römerplatz; a historic and traditional square with original German houses. 
  • Flea market; Not per sé photogenic, but every Sunday there is a big flee market along side the Main River. Honestly, it wasn’t the nicest flea market that I have visited, but if you have the patience to dig around, you might find a treasure here. Or you can get a bratwurst like us :D

Main tower frankfurt am main


— Food —

If you follow me for a while, you know I am such a foodie. I love original food, you know the ‘Instagrammable’ places.

  • Cinellis; you can find this one upstairs in the Zeil mall. It’s a new Ice cream trend from Asia, where you will see them preparing the rolls in front of you. It tastes really yummy!
  • Kaffee Macherei; a cute breakfast spot to have a coffee with latte art. They have even received an Elle award for best hotspot in Frankfurt.
  • VietPho; my favorite place of Frankfurt am Main was the one I discovered on Instagram. How freaking genius is the Flying noodle concept?! It’s a Vietnamese restaurant with good food. You have to ask for the Flying noodles though, because it’s not on their menu!
  • Coa; a nice Asian Fusion restaurant. You can find them at several places in Frankfurt. I was really fond of the sweet potato fries and the Thai beef salad. We went to the one at Kaiserstrase, where we could sit outside on the terrace on a lovely sunny day.

Ice cream rolls Frankfurt

Restaurant coa frankfurt

Kaffee macherei in frankfurt


— Hotel —

I stayed at Adina apartment hotel. Find the full review of the hotel in a separate article –> here.


*This post was made in collaboration with Peugeot.
We drove in the comfortable ‘car of the year’: Peugeot 3008. 

Peugeot 3008 frankfurt

Also, check out the vlog (in Dutch) of my stay in Frankfurt am Main)

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