Posbank HashtagbyLily

Posbank in August

Posbank at Rheden is famous for its beautiful view of the purple heath landscape. It is located in Veluwezoom National Park, this is part of the Veluwe, a large nature reserve. It’s known as the most popular nature landscape to visit in The Netherlands. Every year thousands of people visit this place because of its unique characteristic of forests heaths and sand drifts. Posbank tends to be very popular in August because of the bright purple peak.

There are many routes for nature lovers to explore as you can go hiking and cycling. Not to mention wildlife, during my visit I even saw some wild boars (aka pumba) running around! To be surrounded by such nature is a great way to relax and spend some quality leisure time.

Posbank Hashtag By Lily


If you are planning to go by train you arrive at Arnhem Central Station, afterwards you take a transfer to Rheden station. Next stop is the Veluwezoom Visitors Center, this can be the start point of your journey to end up in the beautiful purple heaths.
For the people travelling by car, there is a limited quantity of parking spaces especially in the popular summer season. You can park your car at the visitor centre, from that midpoint you can take a 6km route called “Kammenroute’’ to go up the hill. 

We drove straight to the top of the hill and parked our car at the parking lot near the entrance. From this place, you will be in the middle of the purpleness from the start. 

Posbank Hashtag By Lily