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— From Vacationer to Feminism —

Hello hello dear blog readers! According to lots of people around me this medium is slowly dying. Although I took an unannounced break here during the past few weeks that I was in Asia, I still adore this little space where I can ramble about anything that comes to my mind and sharing things that I love.
I have been collecting SO SO many content to share with you the coming weeks, you better get ready for this!

Right now, I am high up in the air (in business class (say whuuuuut?!)), on my way back to reality. The past couple of weeks in Hong Kong and the Philippines were like a dream. I have been avoiding my laptop, even though I brought it with me in my suitcase all those weeks. Wake up time in a few hours is about right. Until that time I am watching season 6 of ‘Sex and the City’. A serie I have been watching for years, over and over again.

It just hit me that I always dreamed of the life of these four powerful ladies when I was younger. Glamorous lifes in the city, fun events and parties, meeting interesting people, have the fabulous sweetest girlfriends and working your ass off towards a goal. Uhh.. wait a minute, except that I am not living in the Big Apple, this has kind of become my life these days?! I don’t know why I just realize this, but how funny life can be. Be careful of what you wish for they say ;)

And talking about girl friends, my dear @hashtagsquadgals is my SATC crew. We don’t know how to divide the roles yet, but I will leave that up for the next lunch discussion :D You know when you have the right friends around you when you support each other. Well I sure as hell was uber proud of the fact that Gabrielle, Linsey and Nathalie WALKED in the Marlies Dekkers lingerie show. I followed everything in our group app and Instastories and they were amazing!!

Read how my dear Squadgal, Gabrielle, experienced the show and how brave she was –> here.
To quote her: “Let’s celebrate our bodies. Let’s love ourselves for who we are.”

Now that’s exactly what Marlies Dekkers stands for. Marlies Dekkers wants to challenge all women to confidently face their insecurities and chase their goals. And I strongly support this with all my heart. My goal of having a blog is to inspire people, whether it is with fashion or travel, but the higher goal is to inspire people on a deeper level. I’m working on this. Little steps :)

x Lily

Marlies dekker red bikini

And I strongly support this with all my heart..

Hashtag by Lily bikini

Buko coconut

Marlies dekker Hashtag by Lily

Marlies Dekkers x Hashtag by Lily

— Outfit details —

bikini top: Marlies Dekkers / bikini slip: Marlies Dekkers / blouse: H&M / sunglasses: Komono

PH by Nigel Fung-A-Loi
Location: the Philippines

*In collaboration with Marlies Dekkers