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When I was brainstorming what to post next, I was thinking that so much have changed on the blog. I used to write daily updates of my life and my thoughts here like a diary. Nowadays it’s much more informative and project-based.

I sometimes miss these “one-on-one” times. Now you would think why don’t you do it more often then. I simply can’t find the time to do this every week. Running this business on my own requires so much more time then updating my blog, Instagram and Youtube. Then, the paid projects come first too, because I got bills to pay.

Though a lot of content are produced in partnerships with brands, you have to know that I don’t take all job offers. Integrity is much more important to me than anything else, which means you are assured that I only work with brands that fit my lifestyle.

I say this because I notice that the word “blogger” or “influencer” has a negative sound these days. Taking the Elle Darby case for example (if you haven’t seen the big news check it out here). Poor girl. I had started writing this post before I saw this sad bully story of the hotel, but it did hit me, it could have been me!

I feel that we have to defend ourselves to people who are making a quick judgement. Though, I totally get where this is coming from sometimes, as I can be annoyed too with how some people in this field are handling things, not saying names.

It’s a fact that once you are noticed in this influencer world, you get spoiled rotten often. I can’t deny that it does feel pretty amazing to be in this position! Note, that these things are never really for free though. It’s part of the game. Maintaining relationships with brands and working towards a bigger goal.

It’s the best job I can imagine, but you do have to work your ass off. I have seen bloggers getting a burn out, and to be honest, I was close to getting one too! So there is more behind a picture perfect. No such thing as a perfect life. The fair bloggers out there do this because it’s their passion. Passion to create things to inspire others. It is the most effective way of marketing!

I hope I spread some light on this subject to you. I think most of the people, especially the ones who read my blog, know the deal already. Still I wanted to write this off my chest, so to say :)

Thanks for reading this whole plea :) Positivity above everything! I hope you have an amazing day.

Closing this “heavy” post with an outfit diary. I hope you like it!

x Lily

Happy New Year

NYE in Switzerland. Dressed up a little bit for the occasion. First time wearing the golden Isabel Marant skirt, pairing it with black overknee boots.
Isabel marant golden skirt


top: Esprit  / skirt: Isabel Marant / belt: Gucci / boots: Mango


Seehotel Pilatus Hergiswil; Switzerland

Pink off shoulder

Comfy off shoulder jumper in a cute color pink. I was reading a Dutch book called “Nooit meer te druk”. I can’t seem to find time to properly read a book. It will takes me ages to finish this one I’m afraid.
 Outfitjumper: H&M / jeans: Topshop / shoes: Sacha (old) 


Seehotel Pilatus Hergiswil; Switzerland


Nigel and I went on a snow slope. We both haven’t skied before, but we hope to do so this year! We only when up to see the view and it looks so beautiful up there!I thought it would be very cold up there, but it was actually warmer. Still I was dressed for snow, meaning lots of layers and a warm jumper. This coat is huge, but I love it that it’s super oversized.


coat: H&M / Jumper: H&M / pants: Mango / shoes: Toms / hat: Esprit / sunglasses: Chloé / gloves: Mango


Engelberg; Switzerland

Red coats

It’s so funny that my girl @celmatique and I are twinning at the office so often without any planning. I love it that although we have the same “dresscode”, you can still see our own personality in our styles. That’s what fashion is right?!
Red coats outfit fashion


coat: Asos (sale) / hat: Asos / top: Uniqlo / pants: Mango / boots: Mango / bag: Gucci


Dam Square; Amsterdam

Beret life

The beret is perfect for the bad hair days while adding that little extra to your outfit. I have a few of these berets, but this snake print one is extra special special!
Outfitberet: Asos / sweater: Asos / coat: River Island / bag: Gucci

Fenty x Puma

I got this awesome Fenty x Puma sweater at our own bloggers sale. We do this every season which is the perfect opportunity to clean my packed closet. At least, it’s quite tricky because the other bloggers sell so many amazing items that I end up spending my profit #oopsie. Keep an eye on my Facebook page (here) where I announce all those sales!


sweater: Fenti x Puma  / bag: Chanel / heels: MMM x H&M


Marqt; Amsterdam

3 day juice detox

At the Dolla dolla bills office, we are currently on a 3 day juice detox from Juice Brothers. This is much harder than I anticipated. I can’t tell you more about it yet, because this is the second day. All I can think of is food the whole day :D Keep an eye on our instastories to see how the detox went ;)
Celeste and I are twinning once again. This time in a pink sweaters and black pants :)
OutfitSweater: Tommy Hilfiger / pants: Topshop / shoes: Lily Laurel / hat: Asos

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