Nothing happens inside your comfort zone


Little Update

It’s not something I like to admit, but I am quite overwhelmed at the moment. I’m deliberately taking this time out of my crazy schedule to sit down and reflect. Writing down my thoughts to put things in perspective would help my peace of mind. From the outside it looks like I got it all figure out, but my anxiety level has gone up to level 100. My general mind set is “go with the flow”, everything happens for a reason and recognize the opportunities along the way while staying humble.

I will have my live television debut at Jeroen Pauw this Thursday alongside Pete Wu and other bananas, promoting his book “Bananengeneratie”. I have a big deadline to work on this week for my Dyson campaign. Planning the opening of my new business Base Create Collab for next week (1000 things that still needs to be done) and simultaneously recruiting members and sponsors for it. And by the end of next week I am flying to Tokyo, that needs to be prepared as well. In between all this I also have my birthday and scouting wedding locations.

Can we have more hours in a day? It’s all VERY exciting, yet most of these things are soooo freaking scary to me. If I really think about it, I just want to cancel it all and stay in bed lol. To give myself a pep talk, that’s not how you grow, nothing happens inside your comfort zone. I’m convinced that after all this, I will come out as a different person, whether it went good or bad. We will find out soon enough. No matter what I am utmost grateful for everything. I just wanted to update you all what has been happening behind the scenes. See you on the other side!

X Lily