Jumpsuit outfit in Lago Maggiore Italy

— Blogger? —

It has been a while that I have been neglecting the blog like this. I honestly feel very guilty every day that I don’t post. There were a few excuses for this. First, I started vlogging for a few weeks now, which takes a big chunk of my workweek, much more than I projected. Especially the editing part is very time consuming. Second, more offline obligations like press week and call days were planned, which kept me away from the laptop during the day and have me all exhausted at the end of the day when I come home, only answering urgent emails. Lastly, I have been travelling between all this too, which is good for the content, but I need a few office days after to catch up on everything.

There, I said it. Not to complain at all, but just so you know, I haven’t been sitting around and chilling my ass off. I feel like I owe you at least a little explanation. Even it is for my own peace of mind.

As I am doing so much more then blogging these days, I feel like the title ‘blogger’ is not fully covering my job anymore. Even though it all started with a blog. While an ‘Online influencer’ feels like a too big of a term to call myself, I discussed the term ‘content creator’ with a few colleagues of mine, because that’s basically what I do. I create content, weather it’s on the blog, Instagram, Youtube or even InstaStories. With my content I try to convey an experience, sometimes in a form an outfit and other times it’s travel, lifestyle or food related.

Creating content has become a lifestyle. It has to be I guess.  It’s not something I switch off, even if I am on holiday or sitting at home. I am always triggered to see content in everything. Sometimes I forget it’s a lifestyle that I have chosen, so not everyone understands or wants to be part in this. Of course I respect this. The beauty is that I am the director of my own show here, so everything is possible including the boundaries.

The goal has always remained the same though. Trying to inspire you or to entertain you. When people tell me I have helped them with my posts, I am in clouds, my job is succeeded.

So yeah, less posts on the blog, but the content keeps coming, spread over the channels. Don’t worry though, I know where I come from, my love for blogging hasn’t faded away. It’s still the platform where I keep coming back, even if it’s only once or twice a week sometimes ;)

As Nigel and I are driving back from our little spontaneous Easter get away from Italy right now, I took my time to write you this long letter. Just to tell you that I appreciate your visits so much and to assure you that the blog is here to stay.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Talk to you soon ;)

With love,

Ana Alcazar jumpsuit print

the title ‘blogger’ is not fully covering my job..

Hashtag by Lily asian red hair blogger

Lago Maggiore italy palmtrees

And Other stories x Toms sandals

jumpsuit and blazer look

red chloe drew bag Large

Hashtag by Lily Italy

— The Look —

A quick note of the look. We visited a little village alongside lake Maggiore in Italy. I was dressed up for the evening in this printed jumpsuit from Ana Alcazar. The double breasted CRVD blazer is a classy piece to add for sophistication. I also had the chance to wear these sandals that is a collaboration between &OtherStories x Toms.

Also, I rarely wear earrings, but these simple ones from Jewellery by Sophie are so chic and easy to add that little something something to a look <3

— Outfit details —

jumpsuit: Ana Alcazar / jacket: CVRD / shoes: &OtherStories x Toms / bag: Chloé / earrings: Jewellery by Sophie

location: Lago Maggiore; Italy
PH by Nigel Fung-A-Loi

— Latest vlog —

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