Nike air max 97 Hashtag by Lily


As I share the office with the Dutch sneaker guru chick @girlonkicks, she inspires me to wear sneakers more often again. I opened my eyes to understand the whole sneakers scene ever since. Still much to learn of course, but I had my eye on that one particular model, the Nike Air Max 97!

The red velvet 97’s were the first sneakers I bought in a long time. Nowadays I love styling my 97’s with more dressed up items. The combination of casual chic is the golden mix to my style.  

For this shoot, I was over the moon to get my hands on these gold 97’s via Sportshowroom. Gosh, I was looking for these for so long. I went to every sneaker store in Hong Kong to ask for them last February. So you can imagine how happy I am to finally be able to style these sneakers from now on.

I mainly wear gold jewelry and accessories, so these sneakers are an easy pair to incorporate into my daily life. I properly will wear these 97’s a lot with my mom jeans and crop tops. However, I wanted to share a sassy look for you this time, one I would wear to events for example.

This oversized blazer as a dress with all the golden details made me feel like a bad ass girl boss!

Did you know...

…that the Nike Air Max 97, one of the most hyped sneakers nowadays, only survived less than a year in stores after its first publishing? The shoe, which’s gold edition is also known as “gold bullet” due to the influence of Japanese bullet trains on the design, was first released in stores in 1997. Not only was the sneaker the first Nike shoe that introduced full-length air, but also a hidden lacing system. In 2017, which marked the 20th anniversary of the Air Max 97, Nike decided to mark the occasion by re-releasing the sneaker in many colourways and collaborations. Since 2014 Nike even declared the shoe an official day: March 26 – the Air Max Day.

Hashtag by Lily Nike Air max 97
Hashtag by Lily Nemo museum rooftop

Outfit details

sneakers: Nike / blazer: Just Female / bag: Moschino / bracelet: Chloé / earrings: Topshop /  sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Photos by Saskia Maier
Location: Nemo museum Amsterdam

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