ModaLisboa SS’21 Day 3


The weather promised to be summer on day 3 of Modalisboa. I saved this sleeveless outfit for a day in the sun. We also had to skip a few presentations to catch up on work. OH, and it was Jamie’s (my assistant) birthday! I made her work on her birthday, but at least we were in beautiful Lisbon, celebrating a bit in between.


A peek in my hotel room. I try to be as organized as possible, displaying everything so I have a clear view of my options :)

Makeup Setup Lily Lisboa Fashion Week
Shoe Setup Lily Lisboa Fashion Week


lily-outfit-day3 Modalisboa Lisbon Fashion Week 2020
lily-outfit-day3 Modalisboa Lisbon Fashion Week 2020

Jumpsuit Nanushka | Sparkly Head Accessory Mango | High Flat Boots Zara | Jacquemus Bag FarFetch | Airism Face Mask Uniqlo

As I said, it was a summer day, 27 degrees Celsius. I bought this Nanushka jumpsuit on Vestiaire Collective a while ago. Finally, an occasion I can wear it. And then the head accessory, because there is no such thing as too extra for fashion week!

Mariline Alves

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Meet @curatedbygirls

Welcome to Curated by GIRLS community! With a mission to promote equality & diversity, we put forward emerging talents we believe in, with a focus on female-identifying and non-binary creators from around the world.


Always a pleasure to meet nice people from around the world. Couple Laetitia and Philippe were those people who were so easy to talk to and you keep talking with because their lives are so interesting. Musicians, creatives, entrepreneurs, they are talented! Laetitia is also the founder of @curatedbygirls. A platform to follow when you support Diversity & Equality and love art!


The first show of the day,  Kolovrat did not disappoint. The collection felt light with the sheer material but powerful with the colours of bright orange and black. I also loved the way the masks were incorporated into the show: where each model had a flowing mask to match their outfit. It enhanced the outfit as a whole.

“The pieces, in light colors, assume themselves as blank canvas that, like us, are ready to receive a new humanization expressed by the manuality of art. Prints and visual elements are encounters of multiple natures. The water-colored shapes create icebergs that transform, break and compress”

Kolovrat | ModaLisboa Mais
Kolovrat | ModaLisboa Mais
Kolovrat | ModaLisboa Mais
Kolovrat | ModaLisboa Mais
Kolovrat | ModaLisboa Mais


Manifest Cafe Lisbon Portugal


Rua da Sociedade Farmacêutica 31, 1150-103 Lisboa, Portugal

Directions Here

Always on the hunt for coffee/brunch places anywhere I go. Manifest is a lovely laptop free brunch room. There are a few tables outside as well. It was a nice place to have a little break from working, to toast with ice coffee and eat some cake on Jamie’s birthday.

Pancakes Carrot Cake Coffee  Manifest Lisbon Portugal
Lily Outfit Day Look

Top Zara | Naomi Trousers Weekday | Padded Strap Sandals Mango | Face Mask Mango | Jacquemus Mini Farfetch | Dior J’Adior Choker


Jewellry Market Garden Saturday Modalisboa
Garden Food Trucks Liquor Stand

The workstation was a place with a stage where designers were presenting their collections. Around the stage was a small market where you can buy local designs, clothes and jewelry, and there were a few trucks for food and beverages.

Saskia Lenaerts | Workstation | ModaLisboa Mais


@pipilarpi —

Every season there is a show that features young designers of Lisbon. I wanted to highlight a few here for you to see. Pilar Do Rio is a Portuguese designer who is based in Lagos. As you can see, her collection plays with patchwork and textures. I love the pale colours against the white. The different layers involved in her pieces are impressive, you can even see different textures within the bags.

“A nostalgic and romantic memory contrasting with the uncertainty of tomorrow. What once fell into disuse becomes the object of deconstruction, in a game between volumetries and different temporal universes.

Dedicated to the tomorrow, so the beauty, as we know it, keeps preserved.”

Pilar do Rio | Sangue Novo | ModaLisboa Mais
Pilar do Rio | Sangue Novo | ModaLisboa Mais
Pilar do Rio | Sangue Novo | ModaLisboa Mais


Rafael’s collection looks simple, but with the use of color blocking and layering, it makes the outfits come to life. The subtle orange against the blue and black tones stands out. From óbidos, we is currently an assistant designer for Constança Entrudo, which show we saw yesterday.

Influenced by the deconstructed performance The Cut Piece by Yoko Ono (1964), the physical distortion of Rei Kawakubo in The Body Meets Body (1997) and the chromatic inspiration of Dieter Jung’s Holograms, this collection truly came to life.

Rafael Ferreira | Sangue Novo | ModaLisboa Mais
Rafael Ferreira | Sangue Novo | ModaLisboa Mais
Rafael Ferreira | Sangue Novo | ModaLisboa Mais
Rafael Ferreira | Sangue Novo | ModaLisboa Mais

DINNER at 46

Ending the day at a cool concept restaurant/store. In the front, there is this bar/hang area with art, where you can have some food and drinks. And if you walk further, there is a little shop experience, from jewelry to some luxury robes.

Praça das Flores 46, 1200-009 Lisboa, Portugal

Directions Here 

46 Lisbon Portugal Dinner
46 Lisbon Portugal Dinner Dumplings
46 Lisbon Portugal Dinner
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