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#lilyweeklyhighlights no.8

Welcome to Lily’s highlights no. 9! It was a week with a variety of yummy food. In my defense, it’s part of my research work for the blog and Instagram to share my favorite hotspots around town.
Other than that it was a pretty mellow week, where I am (mentally) preparing for a busy September. Interns are starting again and new projects.
Before that I will take a little break to go on a trip. You will hear from it soon enough ;)

X Lily

Mochi ice cream

Dun Yonk Toko
Address: Stormsteeg 9, 1012 BD Amsterdam


Dimsum Eindhoven

Dim sum at New Oriental food city in Eindhoven with our framily 💕 This is only half of what we’ve ordered and we finished everything!! 🙈

New Oriental Food City
Address: Heuvel Galerie 103, 5611 DK Eindhoven

Dim Sum Eindhoven New Oriental food city

Het koekemannetje

Finally tried cookies from Het koekemannetje. The ones with macadamia are my faves here 😋

Address: Runstraat 3, 1016 GJ Amsterdam

cookies Het koekemannetje Amsterdam
Het koekemannetje Amsterdam

Mochi 1 year anniversary

Our evening walk with @hashtagbymochi. We adopted him exactly a year ago. Unbelievable how much you can love your pet. He has enriched our lives in many ways. He’s also the reason why I had to upgrade my iCloud storage, because it’s impossible to erase any of his photos or videos 🙈

Catch up over scones and soup

A little catch up with @denisekroess at one of my favorite hotspot in Amsterdam De laatste kruimel, which is around the corner from our office. 

Address: Langebrugsteeg 4, 1012 GB Amsterdam

Lunch date Lily tjon en denise kroes
De laatste kruimel Amsterdam hotspot
De laatste kruimel terrace

My Vogue cover

The photo for my “VOGUE cover” for my reel this week. I realised later that I wore the dress completely wrong (should be one shoulder) 🙈 but still super pretty 💕

One fell swoop red dress
One fell swoop red dress shoot


Afternoon walk with @visagiemimi during our break. We went to Chun Amsterdam and I ordered a refreshing ginger honey drink 💕

Address: Berenstraat 4, 1016 GH Amsterdam
Insta:https: @chun_ams

Afterwards we had our dinner on the rooftop. Something about rooftop(terraces) that I love so much. It feels hidden, like a secret, with a spectacular view. This is on top of @basecreatecollab in the middle of Amsterdam city ❤️

Amsterdam rooftops Rokin
By Malina flower dress
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