IN memorie of MH17

I planned an outfit article today, but I changed my mind the very last minute. How much I love this job, it can feel superficial at times. Especially on days like these, where I would like to stand still for a moment in memory of the MH17 flight.

I can’t believe it is almost a year ago that I was in Rotterdam and heard the news of the MH17 crash, where I lost a beloved one. I was supposed to say goodbye on the airport that morning, but something came in between.
The big ‘WHAT IF’ comes up on everyone’s mind, but there is nothing we can change about it.

One year later, I have to say that it fascinates me how much a human can take. I saw my best friend being the strongest person I know, mourning on her mother.. Witnessing the whole process, the acceptance of the fact that we can’t go back and we have to go on with our life, I can only say that I am super duper proud of my brave friend. Admiration worthy!

This is only 1 story of many who are affected by this incident or there are many many more other unfair situations in the world.
So, this article is dedicated to those who are lost but never forgotten. Rest in peace. I will cherish and be grateful for every memory we had together. Thank you for everything!

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