#Meettalkblog sponsors bloggers after movieThe #MeetTalkBlog WordPress workshop was last Saturday already, but I am still enjoying this event through photos, videos and lovely blog articles by the sweet bloggers who attended this day.
Today I am going to share the goodies from the sponsors, The bloggers who visited this event and the after movie to have a glimpse of that day.

I wouldn’t be a good host if I didn’t have a little something for my guests. During some circumstances I only had 1 week left to arrange some goodies. I am super thankful for all the sponsors who were able to help on this short notice. So let me introduce them to you:

1. Club Manhattan
Club Manhattan has a beautiful affordable collection with dainty jewelleries. Each blogger went home with this cute ‘I Love you’ necklace that I am wearing every day since.
Club Manhattan necklaces

2. Blogazine
Additional to all the tips and tricks of this afternoon, the bloggers can read more about this blogger’s world in the Blogazine.

3. Steve Madden
An adorable lipstick-pen to write down all the important notes to improve our blogs.
Steve Madden Lipstick pen

4. Vita Coco
With all the focus to get the most out of the workshop, we had this delicious coconut beverage to stay hydrated.
Vita Coco

5. Biolicious Bakery
Instead of nametags, I used my favorite (organic) cupcakes to seat the bloggers.
Biolicious bakery


Initially I organised #MeetTalkBlog events to meet other bloggers. It is always super fun, because we share the same passion. We can talk for hours and hours and learn so much from each other by sharing practical insides. I was honoured that these bloggers attended my #MeetTalkBlog event and that I was able to help them to take their blogs to the next level.

1. Kevin from JustKVN.com
“I’ve learned so many new things, about new plugins, themes and SEO, and of course about my analytics. I also met some new friendly bloggers and I hope to see them more in the future. It was really a fun day. Thanks Lily for everything you really did (again) a good job!”

2. Wendy from
“When we arrived we got a warm welcome by Lily with a nice surprise for us at the table: delicious cupcakes with our blogname and nice goodies. It was really a learning-full day. I met some great bloggers and most important it was fun. Thanks Lily for this lovely day and can’t wait till the next #meetTalkBlog event.”
Wendy van soest
3. Fredique from Fablefrique.com
“Thank you Lily for hosting this second #MTB event! It was great to exchange tips and tricks and help each other improve our blogs. I’m definitely joining you boys and girls again next time! Had a blast!”

4. Virgit from Preppyfashionist.com

“Het was zo gezellig Lily en zoals altijd heel goed georganiseerd. Ik heb zo veel geleerd ik ga de plug-ins delen op mijn blog, zo nuttig! And I can’t wait for the next event!”

5. Lauren from Lachanna.com
“Het was de perfecte dag om samen met andere bloggers te discusieren over het op de juiste manier inrichten van je blog. Professionaliteit. Lily heeft dit event wederom perfect uitgevoerd en heb mega veel geleerd en mijn blog verbeterd!”

Lachanna7. Justine from justinebiesot.com
“Super leuke middag gehad! Het was vooral leuk om bloggers te leren kennen die over andere onderwerpen schrijven.”

Last but not least. Lydia captured this afternoon perfectly in this video below:

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