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May Favorites

The fact that I publish the May favorites in June, means that my mind is still in May. I have so many ideas for the blog, but time management is not my strongest power. I have been focusing on a new project that the blog had a lower priority during the last few weeks. Nevertheless, I want to at least keep up with the monthly favorites, because behind the scenes I keep trying out new products and places. So here we go, my May favorites in June!

X Lily


la mer renewal oil
philosophy waterproof makeup remover

La Mer The Renewal Oil

€193,79, La Mer

I'm so hooked with this oil for its multi-purpose function. It suits my skin on every weather, and since its an oil product don't expect it to work as potent as a serum. After religiously wearing this oil on my skincare routine during the colder days, I can feel that my skin has become more balanced, healthy, and resilient. The texture of the oil itself is rather lightweight and that’s what I like. The absorption is rather quick as well and will leave your skin feeling supple and glowy. Sometimes I use the oil as my highlighter, talking about multi-purpose!

Medik8 Micellar Mousse

€10,50, Medik8

It’s a refreshing product since I’ve never really used any micellar type of cleansing like this mouse before. I like to wear this product every morning just to erase the remaining residue of my previous night skincare routine. And of course during the night I would use my usual cleansing balm since I wore makeup during the day and I needed something strong enough to cleanse my skin from the makeup and the dust I’ve encountered during the day. However, for my morning routine is this Micellar Mousse by Medik8 perfect as it is lightweight enough to start my day. And the texture of this micellar mousse, I love!

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Makeup Remover

€26, Philosophy

What I like about this makeup remover is the fact that it doesn’t damage my skin and dry it out. It’s actually very good for sensitive skin and for those who wear contact lens because when you want to take off that heavy and stubborn mascara, no need to worry about hurting your eyes and your contact lens. And every time I use this cleanser, I’ve always left feeling hydrated and refreshed.


starskin lips scrub
estee-lauder-pure-color envy replenis lip balm

Starskin Orglamic Pink Cactus Foaming Lip Scrub

€50 (for a set of scrub + lip mask), Starskin

Starskin is a PETA-certified brand that doesn't do animal testing, and aside from that, they have been bringing the K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) to the Western it all went booming. They revolutionize the industry by coming up with amazing innovations that they actually got 15 beauty awards in just 1,5 years of existing.

This is the first salt-based lip scrub that I have tried. When you mix it with a few drops of water, it will foam. The next step, I use the lip mask from Starskin as well and let it do its job overnight.  I like to use it once a week and it definitely keeps my lips moisturized and smooth.

WIT Amsterdam Teeth Whitening

€275, WIT Amsterdam

With just an hour, you can get whiter teeth! How amazing is that? So after the treatment, my teeth went 8 shades brighter and I'm completely happy with how it makes my face looks fresher and when I applied red lipstick, the color contrast just looks amazing! Even though I went 8 shades brighter, it didn't look too bright and in fact, lots of my friends told me it looks so natural, so I'm a happy girl with my brand new teeth. The whiteness will fade the first week already, so, in the end, it's 6 shades brighter!

Especially for my followers, I get to give 120€ discount! So if you live near Amsterdam or Maastricht, go check out this page with more info:

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Replenish Lip Balm

€35,20, Estee Lauder

I will literally go crazy without lip balm. I remember one time I was in Paris with Nigel and I forgot my lip balm. I couldn’t sleep, so in the middle of the night, we were searching for a night store near our hotel to buy a lip balm.

On a daily basis, I use the blue Blistex. This one from Estée Lauder is a bit more expensive but very pretty to have in your purse :) Besides the prettiness, it also does its job in moisturizing my lips with a nice shine.


wild wild country netflix
oprah the path made clear

Wild Wild Country

Available on Netflix

Another great documentary from Netflix is here! This documentary is about the saga of a guru named Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh from India and collapsed into infamy in the 1980s just a decade after being famous for its cult. The cult who was founded by Bhagwan managed to create an utopia city in Oregon. But this cult was not as innocent at it seemed, and every twist that the new episode revealed just shocked and awed me in the same thing. It became more interesting as more hours passed by and that's why this documentary is binge-worthy.

The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey

Available on Storytel, or €19,99 on Bol

First off, Oprah Winfrey has been my spiritual guru for years and I've always been a religious listener of all of her SuperSoul Sunday podcast episodes. And this book is basically a very great summary of her best episodes from SuperSoul Sunday. And I honestly feel like the audiobook version on Storytel is so much better since she is the voice behind it, so it's like Oprah is talking to you herself. Also in the audiobook, there is a real recording of the person whose stories were being referred to in the book. So I would say that the audiobook just brings a whole new level to experience the book.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Free on Storytel, or €25,37 on Bol

What I think interesting is that the points mentioned in this book are not applicable to us the readers, but also good to be taught to our children or future children. This book actually contains life-changing information if you actually apply the points mentioned in your life. There are also hidden implications in the book, so just keep in mind that always see the bigger pictures from what the author was saying.

In my opionion, everyone should read or listen to this book. It will save you so much headache in life. 


kinder chocolate

Kinder Chocolate

€2,20 for 16 bars, available at your nearest supermarket.

Okay, let me be honest here. I eat 2 to 4 bars of Kinder Chocolate daily. Most of the times my working colleagues slash sisters would question my choice in consuming that much of chocolate. It's my guilty pressure. I would say that my middle name is Kinder now. And to collaborate with Kinder would be my biggest dream collaboration right now. Period.

Xou Xou Berlin iPhone Case

€25, Xou Xou Berlin

This iPhone case is really really handy! As I use my mobile phone really often whether to check the train and tram schedules, text the friends that I'm going to meet, check the Google Maps, film something for my stories, and all sort of things to get me from 1 destination to another. And while doing all of those things, your phone could've easily slipped away or got accidentally left behind somewhere. The macrame necklace that came with the case definitely prevents you from accidentally drop or even lose your smartphone. And oh did I mention that these macrame necklaces are super stylish and come with irresistible choices of colors and patterns? 

Ocean Cleanup

Donations can be made through their website

It first started from me scrolling through Facebook and found heartbreaking videos of sea turtles being hurt and choked by the plastics in the sea. My heart really broke and from that post, I kept going on trying to find and do research of something that I can do for this planet Earth so that it would be better. So after some time researching, I found this project called Ocean Cleanup that was founded by an 18 years old boy from the Netherlands that got me in awe. This project is a non-profit organization whose work is to develop technology that can get rid of the plastic in the ocean. In fact, this project's current goal is to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by 50% in 5 years, now isn't that just amazing? 

And the next best thing is that you don't have to be a scientist or an innovator in order to contribute to this Mother Earth. You can simply donate to the project and support them in developing more kick-ass technologies so that it can be used to clean the plastic and garbage on our planet.


SeeMe ring
Nike M2K Tekno


I would definitely go to Smaak for some quality leather bags and to support local brands. They have such nice styles with perfectly curated colors. The one I'm wearing here fits sooo many things and so stylish and versatile at the same time. And the blue color is perfect for spring and summer! 

See Me

€110, SeeMe

The one pictured here is the Unconditional Love rings, and I gave one to my mom. I love everything from SeeMe for their quality products and the whole meaning behind the brand. You can see my dedicated post about SeeMe and why I love this brand so much that I decided to have a collaboration with them as mentioned here.

If you want to spoil your mom, sister, girlfriends, or any family members with these Unconditional Love Rings or any other jewelry from SeeMe, my promo code will give you 5% discount on every collection.
Promo Code: HashtagbyLily

NIKE M2K Tekno

€100, NIKE

This NIKE M2K Tekno has become my staple sneakers and you've probably seen so many of my outfit pictures that featured M2k Tekno to complete my look. I wear it daily, as they are so easy to style. I have the most basic black and white one at the moment, but the next step is going for some interesting color combo's.


guerlain spa
laura dols amsterdam

Address: Nassauplein 60, 1052 AH Amsterdam
Contact : Website and +316 4750 3366

I soon as I saw this dumplings place on my friend’s Instastory, I put on my shoes and went to try it out the same day. I am a big fan of Asian (street)food. I am currently working on a blog post with all my favorites and this one will be included in that list too!
The savory crepes were really good. Next time I would like to try the fried dumplings as well!

If you are near the Westergas fabriek, make a pit stop at Dumplings!

Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Address: Herengracht 542-556, 1017 CG Amsterdam
Contact : Website and +31 (0) 20 718 4625


Waldorf Astoria is the most luxurious place I visited in Amsterdam. The hotel is elegant with so much class. Have something to celebrate? I would suggest treating you and your dear +1 to an afternoon tea in their Peacock Alley. I was there last year for the circus theme (see here). If you book it now, you get to enjoy their 5 year anniversary Afternoon Tea. I can tell you that the scones are heavenly!

Laura Dols

Address: Wolvenstraat 7, 1016 EM Amsterdam
Contact : Website and +31 (0) 20 6249066

I don’t shop that often anymore these days. When I do, I make sure it’s a good investment. I will apply the question: “Will I wear this at least 20 times?” before I get my payment card.

Sustainability is getting a bigger role in my life. Not quite there yet, but it’s definitely on my mind.
That’s also the reason why I am buying more second-hand clothes too. One of my favorite place to go in Amsterdam is Laura Dols. Downstairs they have a big bridal and party collection. I bought the green skirt there that I wore to the premiere of Rocket Man. I was pleasantly surprised by all the hidden treasures. Make sure to take your time when you’re shopping here!