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March Favorites

I can’t believe the first quarter is already done. I attended a lot of events and saw new releases of products for the coming seasons. Also, I received many (beauty) products that I still need to review. I’m happy to have this monthly section here to share all the random things that I can’t recommend enough. I hope you can use some of these :)

x Lily


weleda cream
the ordinary HA + B2
kora mask organic

Weleda Skin Food Cream

€10,70, Weleda

Weleda products are 100% natural. The Skin Food Light is a rich cream that I carry around with me in the handbag. It’s perfect for dry skin. You can use it for your hands, lips, and even face.

Nice to know, on the website I saw that every sold product they give money to create a new piece of nature in The Netherlands in collaboration with “Natuurmonumenten”. Until April 6th you get 25% discount on Weleda products.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum

€6,80, The Ordinary

The Ordinary has been praised by some colleagues and friends of mine, and now I can understand why. This serum works to hydrate your skin from the inside. Do you know that in the human's body we also have our own Hyaluronic Acid (HA)? But as we start to naturally age, we also start to lose HA and this is why we can see signs of aging in our face like fine lines and wrinkles. The pure HA in this serum gives me the hydration that my skin needs so that it will slow down the aging process. 

Be aware, to not put too much of this serum to your skin as it absorbs so so quick to the skin, and putting too much will resulting in having white flakes in your skin from the unabsorbed remains of the product. Also don't forget to wear your sunscreen even though it's not sunny outside, as putting sunscreen is a must when you are wearing any acid products, especially Hyaluronic Acid.

Kora Organics Turmeric & Exfoliating Mask

€47,99, Kora Organics

I recently received some products from Kora Organics, which is founded by supermodel Miranda Kerr. A beautiful beauty brand for all skin types, certified organic, no animal testing, vegan, perfume free and this list continues.

I have a few favorites from the collection, but I instantly fell in love this 2in1 exfoliating mask. The texture that feels like a peeling at first, hardens a bit after a few minutes and it finishes it off with a mint feeling. It's like having a spa treatment at home. I use this once or twice  a week and my skin feels this nice boost after each time. 


rimmel london eyeliner pink
mac prep and prime

Rimmel London Wonder Swipe Eyeliner

€6,59, Rimmel London

I have about 12 of these Rimmel Wonder Swipe colors. You can make a thin liner with it, or you smoosh it out as an eye shadow with glitters. It’s fun to match your eye(liner) color with your look.

Benefit Cheekleaders Bronze Face Palette

€63,24, Benefit Cosmetics

I was super happy to have received this cheek palette from Benefit. I really like all the colors on this palette for my bronzer, blush and high lighter. It has been my go-to product for the last few weeks.

MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Primer

€14,40, MAC Cosmetics

I use a fixing spray on a full makeup look to help the makeup stay put for the rest of the day. It feels refreshing and hydrating after all those layers of makeup. You can use this one from MAC in a different phase, as a primer for example. Also, it’s ideal when you want to retouch the makeup without taking everything off. The condition of your skin is to me the most important beauty base you can have.


captain marvel
reply all podcast
kris berry

Marvel's Captain Marvel

I went to see Captain Marvel during a special screening session. I think it’s amazing that the most powerful Marvel character is a woman! It’s not per se the best Marvel movie that I have seen, but it’s really entertaining for sure. As a Marvel fan, my opinion is pretty biased of course. Nevertheless, if you’re planning to see Avengers The Endgame, you kinda need to watch this one first!

Gimlet's Reply All Podcast

Free, Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

A free podcast about the Internet, where a few journalists investigating intriguing topics. It’s like listening to thrilling mysteries, constantly wanting to know what will happen next. At the same time, it’s very educating, in terms of being aware of your online footprint and privacy. My favorite episodes so far are:

  • #91 Return of the Russian Passenger – How his Uber account was hacked and used in Russia
  • #102 Long distance – I couldn’t stop listening to this one, where Alex Goldman goes after a telephone scammer. They are taking the investigation to the next level when they were following the leads in India.

Kris Berry's Music

Free, Available on Spotify

Kris (I call her Krispie :D) is a dear friend of mine, but I don’t think my opinion about her music is biased, because I think her voice is just so pure and unique. It’s a really nice mix of soul, jazz, Caribbean and pop sounds.

My favorite songs? Pff.. so many:

  • Hold on
  • She Knows
  • Let go
  • Always or Never

Okay, the list is endless. Try to catch her performing live if you can ;)


sequence game
marie stella maris room spray no 92 objects d' amsterdam review
Ikea beauty box

Sequence Classic

€26,95, Sequence

The Sequence game is really easy and fun to play from 2 to 9 players! You’re playing to make a sequence on the board with the cards you’re holding in your hands. It’s pretty addictive. I have introduced this game to all my friends, and they all have bought one too. Just play once and you will get hooked on it too ;)

Marie Stella Maris Roomspray - No. 92 Objects D' Amsterdam

€49 for 240 mL, Marie Stella Maris
€15 for 50 mL for a cheaper option.

This room spray from Marie Stella Maris is my favorite thing in our apartment at the moment. I spray it daily in the living room and bedroom. Perfect when you have cooked or when you want to refresh the smell a bit. It literarily brings me happiness when I smell this whenever I enter the room. It’s also a perfect housewarming gift for someone, you can buy it in different sizes.

IKEA Kuggis Container

€14,95 for the container, IKEA
€6,99 for compartments, IKEA

You know I receive a lot of products to try out from brands. This Ikea box is the best thing I bought for my excessive beauty products. All my drawers were packed with products and it was very unorganized. With the extra compartment that you can add to this box, I can separate all the small makeup samples from the bigger sizes of skin care products on the bottom. I have my overview now, and I feel very Marie Kondo this way.


storytel app
sweatcoin app
storyluxe app

Storytel App

€9,99 per month, Available on Appstore and Playstore

For a monthly subscription of €9,99, you can listen and read over a hundred thousand titles that Story Tell has to offer in all genres. I am not the fastest reader and I don’t take much time to do it, so the audiobooks are the perfect solution for me. I listen to business, self-reflection, and novels, instead of listening to music when I am on my way. Like the saying “you’re never too old to learn”, it’s an easy solution to keep yourself educated on topics that fit your interest.

There is a 14 days trial if you like to try it out first.

Sweatcoin App

free, available on Appstore and PlayStore

Imagine getting paid for walking, isn't that a dream? Well, now you don't have to dream anymore with the existence of this app. Simply download the free app, and keep the app on (on the background) while you walk. Your steps will then be converted into their currency (which is known as SWC or Sweatcoins), and you can exchange your coins for €1000 cash, flight tickets, the newest iPhone, and so much more! And all you have to do is.. walk. I like to walk and before knowing Sweatcoins I already tried to walk as often as I can in my daily life to be more healthy. But now all that walking will bring me other benefits as well, like a free holiday or even cash! Click on the link above to get started.

Storyluxe App

Free, available on Appstore and Playstore

I am constantly looking for ways to make my Instagram stories interesting. I put a lot of effort to create these stories. I recently bumped into the Storyluxe app, which is ideal to use for cool frames and collages. It will definitely elevate your pictures and videos to that next level!


Sun breaks chips
Humum Kampioen amsterdam

Bo Nam

Address: Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 57
1017 NH Amsterdam

Bo Nam is an Asian Bistro concept restaurant located in the heart of Amsterdam near Leidseplein. The trendy fusion ambiance is clear in the food and interior. I was recently invited to try out their new menu, which was really mouthwatering. Our favorites were the beef steak, salmon, and the prawns. Come here for a date night or catching up with your friends over yummy food.


Available at Jumbo

When I was in Lisbon for Fashion Week, I ate these Sunbreaks chips backstage all the time. I was so happy to have found it in The Netherlands as well at our Jumbo! It has this corn salty flavor that keeps you eating until you finished the whole thing. Very dangerous to start. Don’t say I didn't warn you ;)

Humus Kampioen

Address:  Ten Katemarkt; Amsterdam
Open: Monday to Saturday from 9AM-5PM.

Humus Kampioen is an Amsterdam treasure I got to know via my dear friend Paola from @cravingsinamsterdam. It’s located on a Market in Amsterdam West, Ten Katemarkt. They have many many choices of humus. You can try some on a piece of Lebanese bread if you ask them nicely. My favorite so far is the Mango humus, which tastes a little bit as curry to me.
I have also tried the Falafel bread (you have to ask for it, as it isn’t advertised on any boards there), which I can highly recommend. My fiancé said that it was the best falafel he ever had, and I think I can agree with him on this ;)