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Welcome to the biggest diary of Hashtag by Lily (so far)! As you may know, I impulsively booked a ticket to London to experience London Fashion Week from up close. Today the full report of my adventure accompanied with a lot of snapshots. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show (post)..

If you wonder how I managed to arrange all this in only two days before departure. I contacted a sweet blogger Jasmin (from whom I have been following for a few months now and even met very briefly during Amsterdam Fashion week. To be honest, I was not sure if I could do this, but with the saying: ‘Nothing ventured nothing gained’ in my mind and with the deepest desire to experience LFW, I emailed her. I couldn’t be happier with her positive response and the rest of the story you read below :)

DAY 1 // Sunday 14/07/14
London based bloggers

Due to some circumstances, I didn’t sleep the night before. When I arrived in London I looked like a zombie! With a lot of make up and four coffees later I met up with these London based bloggers, Chrissabella, Jasmin and Nicole, before the Topshop show. After following each other on Instagram, it was so much fun to meet these ladies in person. We continued our insta conversations live this time, like we already know each other for years!!

Kristina bazan - kayture

It was unreal to witness the fashionweek madness that you normally see in magazines and online. So many photographers and fans all over the place to take snaps of fashion icons like this blogger beauty Kristina Bazan.

Toga presentation After Topshop, we went to the presentation of a Japanese label Toga. This presentation was a great warming up for my upcoming trip to Japan, to Tokyo Fashion Week ;)

Toga collectionI have never been to such a presentation before. It took place in a super classy hotel building. Models were posing there like a gallery. I must say that this is an even better way to see the collection than on the runway. This way you can take your time to study the design, the fabric, the color and make several shots of a model.

Toga fashion Personally I adore this collection! Very feminine. Love the different shapes, fabrics and playfulness of this high fashion line. If this is the standard of Japanese fashion, then I can’t wait for Tokyo Fashion week!!

Hashtag by Lily in LondonFashion week is so hectic! You are running around all day. And I wasn’t even attending any shows *lol. From Topshop entrance (around 15.00) we went to Toga’s presentation (around 16.00) and then some catching up with the bloggers with some drinks (around 17.00). Anyhow, I had no time to have a proper shoot for this first look other than this snapshot by Jasmin.

dress: H&M / bag: Alexander Wang / shoe feathers: Heels up / sunglasses: ZeroUV

Sushi to go dinnerAround 18.00 we went home already, because we were just simply beat by all the impressions of the whole day and for me of course the no sleeping part. Jasmin and I grabbed some sushi to go, to have a quite evening at her home.

DAY 2 // 15/07/14
Reward style brunchMy second day started with the reason why I was in London, the RewardStyle brunch! I had no clue which bloggers were coming to this brunch, but I expected a lot of international bloggers! I was pretty excited to meet them all! :D

Diana CloudletWith Russian blogger Diana (from

Sarah MikaealaWith Sarah Mikeaela (from
OMG she is even more gorgeous and sweet in person!!

Rewardstyle macarones

RewardStyle knows how to host a bloggers brunch. Even the macarones where in style ;) I met so many new bloggers, some whom I have been following for a long time now. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to talk to those beauties in person!! Thank you RewardStyle for having me!!

Taxi LondonA bumpy cab ride to the next event. I shared the cab with Sarah, Laura and Chloe to the Burberry show. We actually made a fun cab selfie with the four of us. Ofcourse I will share this with you once Sarah sends it to me :)

Joe ZeeCrossing the streets isn’t the same anymore with Fashion Week. You have to have your camera constantly ready to make snapshots like this, Joe Zee crossing the streets :D

Burberry showWe were just in time to see all the guest leaving the Burberry show. Wow the concentration of fashion there was INSANE!! I was too much of a rookie to make a nice streetstyle report for you. Seriously, I just couldn’t stop staring at those fashionable people and before I knew it, they were gone.

Gary Pepper girlOke, and when one of my blogger heroes passed me by I totally lost it haha. Nicole, also known as GaryPeppergirl,  reached her celebrity status through her blog and wherever she was going, there were at least 20 photographers following her to make pictures. The reason why is obvious, what an appearance!

paparaziThis is what I was talking about. Paparazi all over the place to make photos of this icon.

Gary pepper girlI totally felt like a groupie and I didn’t care haha.. I was so star struck by talking to her for a bit. She was sooo sweet and beautiful in person. Gosh.. This must be my high light of LFW ;)

LFWThis is what I mean, check out the streetstyle!!!!! <3

Queen of JetlagsI met Noor ( for the first time at the RewardStyle brunch a few hours before this event. I made this snapshot when she was posing for another photographer. The location at the Hyatt Park was so beautiful and the sun was shining so bright that we both wanted to have a shoot here for our blogs. You can see the result here on Noor’s blog and here from mine.

Fashion bloggersI was so very happy to have met these awesome blogger ladies, ZoranaTamara & Noor. Meeting people in person always makes following them even more fun! You know, I am extra active on commenting and liking their pics now. Do you have that too? :)

SummersetAfter the Burberry show, I had to visit Summerset, where most of the runway shows and presentations takes place.
I came there to make some streetstyle photos for the blog. But instead of that, I became the one who got photographed for streetstyle. I didn’t know how to act in the beginning to be honest haha, I felt absolutely flattered of course, it was just a bit unreal!

LFW lunchI met some more London-based bloggers at Summerset. At this point I was exhausted by everything so far this day. There is just so much to take in constantly, I felt like I was living in a dream the whole time. You don’t have time to go to toilettes or for food. But somehow you don’t need to because of the adrenaline the whole day.
When I finally sat down for the first proper meal of the day (this was around 15.30), I still wasn’t hungry. My conclusion, Fashion week is the best diet ever! *lol *kidding.

Mybubbaandme.comI sat down with a few London-based bloggers. I must have been so tired to not have made any pictures of them. Atosa (from made this picture, when I was trying on her fabulous top ring.

LondonAfter Summerset, I had a moment for myself before I met up with Jasmin again. I walked on one of the bridges and just stood and stare there for a while to let everything sink in.

LondonLondon you are so beautiful <3 I am so grateful to be able to experience LFW like this. I can never regret the decision to come here. It was scary at first, but the two days here exceeded all my expectations.

Topshop shoppingAround 18.00 I met up with Jasmin for a shopping spree. I had the best time with this girl and I can’t thank her enough that she let me stay at her place and being such a lovely host <3

Vogue house

On our way to the Victoria Secret store, we walked by the Vogue house.

Victoria secretHihi.. I had to make snapshot in the cute Victoria Secret fitting room.

Victoria Secret London4 stories of sexiness at Victoria Secret in New Bondstreet! So happy that we finally have one in Europe now.

DAY 3 // 16/06/14
Hashtag by LilyElevator selfie. Sad to leave London, but all smiles because of my great adventures in this amazing city.

London housesOn my way to the coach I walked by these beautiful homes. I wouldn’t mind to do a shoot here or to live here ;)

From where I standFrom where I stand at the airport, right before check in.

In the planeBye bye London. What an amazing two days that I will never forget. I came back so much richer in experience and network. I met so many beautiful, smart, friendly, crazy, fashionable, people. Some I can call them my friends already. Really, I can’t help to feel so blessed and grateful that I could have done this. It was an adventure that I will tell people years and years to come. Thank you London, hopefully we will meet very soon again ;)

yours truly X

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