Lisboa Fashion Week FW 19/20 Report

Lisboa Fashion Week

Lisboa Fashion Week

Lisboa Fashion Week was unknown territory for me until I got an invite to attend it this season as one of their VIP guests. After attending the big players in New York City, London, Milan and Paris, I was actually really really curious to see what Lisboa has to offer. Besides, I couldn’t wait to go back to Lisbon again. I fell in love with the city last November when I visited this city for the first time and it has become one of my favorite cities in Europe.

In total, we attended fifteen shows in three days. I think the collections, in general, were very innovative and creative. Lots of the designers I would love to wear, next to a few special couture shows that gave me goosebumps. Sit back and relax, for this front row report of Lisboa Fashion week!

08 MARCH 2019

Arrival at Hotel Tivoli Avenida Liberdade Lisbon

We arrived at 8 March around 6 PM, so we had to rush down to our hotel and changed our outfits since the next show was about to start in just an hour. Luckily for us, we got picked up by the humble Moda Lisboa crew and took us to this beautiful hotel called Tivoli Avenida Liberdade just in the center of Lisbon. Other than the perfect location— since it only took us 10 minutes riding with the car to the venue of Lisboa Fashion Week— this hotel also has a beautiful interior and of course by nature, we had to make use of it by making it the backdrops for my OOTD.


Hashtag by Lily Outfit For Day 1

For the first day of Moda Lisboa (Lisboa Fashion Week) I was leaning to something chic, giving a bit of glitters and sparkles to my look from the top from Zara, pair it with a nude perspex heels and my favourite beige-coloured Chloe.

And as for the backdrops, this was actually the setting of the show’s venue. Amazing, right?


Carolina Machado Show FW 19/20

For 19/20 Fall Winter Season, Carolina Machado mixed the monochrome tones with some bright pastel tones like the pastel green that made a perfect winter dress, adding some colours to the winter skies. To this collection, Carolina Machado played with satin materials, patented leather that of course made the most stunning outer, silver sequins that added the perfect twist to a simple silver dress and top, and the holographic thin layers on top of the checkered patterns. Simple, yet elegant and beautiful.

carolina machado fw 19/20 2
carolina machado fw 19/20 8
carolina machado fw 19/20 5
carolina machado fw 19/20 9
carolina machado fw 19/20 4
carolina machado fw 19/20 1
carolina machado fw 19/20 6
carolina machado fw 19/20 7
carolina machado fw 19/20 10
carolina machado fw 19/20 3

Valentim Quaresma Show FW 19/20

One word from Valentim Quaresma: otherworldly. The whole collection doesn’t look like they came from the Earth. The models all looked like brave warriors from the space. Yes, it is not your everyday wear, but it’s not everyday that I got to see a collection so unique and different, I couldn’t keep my mouth closed and keep gasping every time each model walked in. Big props to the designer!

valentim quaresma fw 19/20 4
valentim quaresma fw 19/20 1
valentim quaresma fw 19/20 2
valentim quaresma fw 19/20 3
valentim quaresma fw 19/20 5
valentim quaresma fw 19/20 9
valentim quaresma fw 19/20 6
valentim quaresma fw 19/20 7
valentim quaresma fw 19/20 8
valentim quaresma fw 19/20 10
valentim-quaresma-fw-19_20-12valentim quaresma fw 19/20 12
valentim quaresma fw 19/20 11

Ricardo Preto Show FW 19/20

Ricardo Preto came back to ModaLisboa with the prettiest neutral tones. Shades of light pink matched with bright chilli red and dark beige, soft yellow with dark mocha, soft pink with dark green.. this is definitely the collection for neutral colours’ lovers. Pretty prints that remind of you of the winter scenes can also be seen in his FW 19/20 collection. I think the whole collection is a reminder that winter doesn’t have to be gloomy and murky, that winter can also be vibrant and lively!

ricardo preto fw 19/20 9
ricardo preto fw 19/20 4
ricardo preto fw 19/20 6
ricardo preto fw 19/20 7
ricardo preto fw 19/20 8
ricardo preto fw 19/20 10
ricardo preto fw 19/20 11
ricardo preto fw 19/20 1
ricardo preto fw 19/20 2
ricardo preto fw 19/20 3

09 MARCH 2019

Wandering Around Lisbon 

Lisbon is so magical and beautiful. And thanks to our strategically placed hotel, it wasn’t a hassle to get around and see the pretty things that Lisbon had to offer. All that we had to do was taking a casual walk around the hotel and keeping my eyes open for good spots for photos, nice cafes to fill our stomachs with, and for sceneries to spoil our eyes with.

Like this cute little place for example, where I’ve had a nice and fulfilling lunch to energize myself for a busy day full of exciting fashion shows. I also found Lisbon’s very own iconic yellow tram and as it shows in my big grins, Lisbon has made me a very happy girl indeed!

Hashtag by Lily Outfit For Day 2

The spirit of the Netherlands is alive and well in this outfit with the pop of bright orange. I paired the neutral tones of Munthe’s incredible co-ords with bright orange everything to stay true to my lively chic signature style— from the glasses, belt bag, top, down to the pumps.

Co-Ords : Munthe (Coat and Pants)
Glasses : Mango
Bag : Maeandivy
Pumps : ASOS (sold out, but similar here)
Top : Zara


Imauve Show FW 19/20

I’ve had the most pleasure with Imauve during this fashion week. From being able to take a peek of what was happening at their backstage, attending the show itself and spoiling my eyes with such pretty neutral colours that Imauve brought into the show, having a small chat with Imauve’s very own designer, Inês de Oliveira, about what inspired her for this collection, to my favorite part— which is getting dressed in one of the amazing Imauve’s collections.

During my short conversation with Inês de Oliveira, she said that she wanted her collection to be classic and timeless, hence the basic shapes and neutral colours. And when asked about her personal favourite, she pointed the fluffy monochrome teddy coat. I can definitely see why it’s not your usual teddy coat with its colour blocks. It definitely is the perfect winter coat for those who still want to looks stylish while fighting the harsh winter wind and weather.

You can see the complete look of this beautiful suit on my Shadowplay post, where I did an editorial shoot with Echa about that particular outfit. In that post, you can see how I styled the outfit and maybe you can get inspiration from it! Every girl needs her power suit, and that’s why I made that special post.

imauve teddy coat
lily in imauve suit

Suit from Imauve FW 18/19


Inês de Oliveira, the Designer of Imauve

imauve backstage

Backstage Situation of Imauve FW 18/19

David Ferreira Show FW 19/20

This David Ferreira show was a real stunner! I also had the chance to see their backstage situation, and I can say that he did a good job planning how the makeup and hair will look like, as it fits the collection perfectly.

The FW 19/20 Collection may not be something that you would wear everyday, but the creativity of the designer deserves the biggest applause as he was playing with unusual materials in his FW 19/20 collection like the flower petals trapped in the puffy dress, the transparent acrylic that turned a yellow dress into something extraordinary, the extra big pink hat that screamed “GLAM!”, and of course, the pink big dress that doesn’t look like a dress but more like a magnificent art installation itself.


Backstage Situation
of David Ferreira FW 19/20

Carlos Gil Show FW 19/20

Carlos Gil FW 19/20 Collection was the perfect example of what I would wear on a daily basis, whenever I feel like wearing something a bit extra and colourful. So many pieces that I fell in love with, I simply couldn’t choose which one is my favorite.

Take the patterned coat for example, the colours are so vibrant and you can pair it with basic colours to create a more toned down look, or if you want to wear matching prints from head to toe and make all heads turn on you, this collection showed you how powerful a certain print can be! Also lately I’ve been so much into suits and I spotted jaw-dropping, all gold suit from Carlos Gil. Carlos Gil has managed to turn basic colours into not-so-basic, awe-inspiring looks but serving us the upgraded tones of purple, pink, yellow, and green and mixed them into this collection of pure awesomeness.


Inês de Oliveira, the Designer of Imauve


Inês de Oliveira, the Designer of Imauve


Luis Carvalho Show FW 19/20

The Luis Carvalho FW 19/20 is decorated with the true fall and winter shades, like dark rusty mauve, beige, warm brown, oxblood red, and of course bright sparkly red to add some drama just in time for the holiday festivities at the end of the year. Definitely, the collection that I would wear on my winter days.

And talking about my obsession with suits lately, Luis Carvalho had the most perfect suit that I’ve got my eyes on and craving for. The checkered print is incorporated in the suits, and not only I had my eyes on 1 suit, but three! The most unique suit must be the one with strong shoulder structures, details on the back that shows just a right amount of skin, cropped upper part decorated in checkered prints, and leather beige-coloured wide pants as the perfect example of how ‘strong’ and ‘sexy’ can be mixed. And for the good ol’ classic suit, Luis Carvalho also had it in the FW 19/20 Collection with small details of oxblood as the perfect twist.

As for the brighter side, Luis Carvalho served you the perfect shade of chili red just so your winter won’t be gloomy. And of course, what’s a holiday season with splatters of glitters and sparkles here and there and we can see on the red little dress.


10 MARCH 2019

Hashtag by Lily Outfit For Day 3

For the VIP guests, we had a special lounge area that was really useful as we had to wait around an hour each for every show to get started. And since in a day we had to attend around 6-7 shows, a waiting room is really the most important place as we spent most of our time there.

And for this VIP Lounge Area, it had a pretty balcony in it to enjoy the flow cocktails while enjoying the Portugal sun, and of course to take my outfit pictures at.

I opted for a flowy scenery-printed dress from ASOS to channel my inner feminine side and pair it with this blazer from H&M x Isabel Marant collection. To add a little twist from it, I put on my cotton candy pink JW Anderson bag and Temperly London waistbelt.


Goncalo Peixoto Show FW 19/20

Ah, looking at these photos of Goncalo Peixoto’s collection reminds me of how much I love the FW 19/20 Collection. I can say that from Lisbon Fashion Week FW 19/20, this Goncalo Peixoto collection is certainly my most favorite, the most perfect cherry on top to the last day of 4 days of Fashion Week.

First, let’s talk about the fact that the holographic season is making its comeback! I saw some holographic pieces from previous designers like Valentim Quaresma, but seems like Goncalo Peixoto is taking the holographic trend to another level. In fact, you can see half of the collection featured different kind and tones of the holographic materials. You can see it on a mini dress that I absolutely love, in a full holographic suit (YES, the suit is also the star of this season!), and of course my ultimate favorite; the true holographic trench coat that everybody wants and needs. Not limiting the collection to holographic pieces only, Goncalo Peixoto also incorporated pastel-coloured floral patterns, big ruffles, and lots of organza dreams. The entire collection is just a dream, really. Now you understand why it’s my absolute favorite collection.


Olga Noronha Show FW 19/20

The Olga Noronha show must be the most entertaining one from Lisboa Fashion Week. It started out with something extraordinary, a man with what looked like some beautiful, nude-colored leather big skirt dancing in the same area where models usually walked their struts.

And then, what followed after the Dancing Man was something that is not less extraordinary than the first part. Pretty models came out dressed in the same whimsical nude-colored tones, only this time they were dresses. The Dancing Man started to throw what looked like ashes to the dresses that the models were wearing, and it turned out to be something really magical, flower patterns started to appear from what was just a plain nude dress. With the beautiful movements of the dances and the fitting music, it sure was the most entertaining show from the fashion week.

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