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Finally, the second edition of Lily’s blog tips & more! Some of you sent a few questions that I would like to address today. Sharing is caring and I hope I can help you a bit by telling you about my experiences and my opinion about this subject. Note, there is no right or wrong way to pursuit your blog ambitions. So feel free to share your thoughts if you agree or disagree, so we can help each other :)

1. Can you contact PR agencies already if you just started out with your blog?

Q by Mandy

Yes you can, although I wouldn’t recommend this when you just started, because they will ask about your statistics and check out the interaction grade of your articles.

The numbers you give them will be put in their system and it won’t be updated often after this first encounter. So if they filter on bloggers on a reach of, let’s say, 3.000+ visits for an event, you won’t be in that list even if you have reached this number a few months later.
I wish someone had told me this back then, when I emailed PR agencies after only a few months without haven’t accomplished anything significant to show.

TIP: PR agencies organize press days twice a year (before spring/summer and fall/winter collections), which is normally open to any press. It might be a scary thing to do at first, but this is your chance to show your face and promote your blog. Maybe you can reach out to another starting blogger to go together.

2. Do you pay for your travel expenses or do you get everything sponsored?

Q by Lemiza

Travel articles are my favorite kind of content to create. My boyfriend is abroad a lot for his job, so I have the luxury to travel with him sometimes, which lowers my costs. I made sure to capture enough content every time to work on a travel portfolio. Later I used this like a media kit to send over to hotels whenever I wanted to do a review for complementary nights. A year later, I am lucky to do some paid reviews, but this is not always the case.
Travel expenses are not always compensated, so the investment that you make is often a big one, but it’s definitely worth it!

TIP: As you can see, it is a step by step process. If you are on vacation anyway, you might as well get an article out of it. Work on your portfolio so you can eventually show it to hotels, musea, parks etc. with whom you want to start a collaboration with in the future or they might find you if you deliver great work.

3. When you were starting out did you use any of the more traditional social media platforms like Twitter or Pinterest?

Q by Colleen

I do have a Twitter and Pinterest account, but I must admit that I do the least with these two of all my social media. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you. I know a lot of success stories from other bloggers who get their traffic via these mediums. There are just so many these days that I chose a few to focus on and whenever I have some extra time I pin and tweet occasionally.

TIP: Test different types of social media and find out which one you like the most to work with and which one works the best for you.


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