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As pinky promised, an article about blog tips and answering a few of your questions. As I said before, I am by no means an expert on this subject. Nor are these facts and strict guidelines, because there are a hundred more ways to approach each question. This is basically my opinion or how I tackled it.

Thank you so much for the questions. I haven’t answered all the questions yet, because I am going to try something new here. I want to make this a montly or a bi-weekly session (depending on the amount of questions), where we can interact. I just collect all the questions during the week from you, whether it is blog related or not and answer them like this. This is purely a trial for now, I am curious to see how this will work out.

1. Do you have some tips to grow?Marloes & Laurence
With my blog it actually went very gradually. In the first few months I had the feeling I was writing for air or only close friends and family.
It takes a lot of work and it is not always fun or ideal if you really want to make it work. The list of tips is endless! But here are a few:

Social media
It’s no rocket science, social media and niche platforms are perfect ways to promote your blog. I used every platform I could possibly find to promote my outfits (i.e. Lookbook, Pose, Facebook groups etc.) in the beginning. After a while you will see which ones work for you. Little by little I saw some traffic coming in.

Digital business card
I have never actively done this, but by writing a comment on someone else’s account and leaving your URL behind for example, is a way to give out your business card. I mean how else would those people end up on your blog otherwise? I have heard that leaving your URL on a website is good for your SEO ranking.
I don’t want to encourage “spamming”, but if you have left a sincere message after a nice article, you can sign your name together with your URL.

Lastly, you can also pay for ads if you have a budget to spend on promotion. Facebook for instance has a program dedicated to this, you can decide for yourself how much you want to spend and target the audience specifically as you desire.

2. Do you have tips to improve your blog?Becca
Find some blogger friends is what I would recommend. This has helped me tremendously in the beginning. I mean let’s be honest, the conversations and questions about blogging are never-ending!! The most practical knowledge about this subject that I have gained was during these talks.

3. Which camera and lens do you use?Agnes
I use the Canon EOS D500 with a 50mm lens for the outfit photos.

4. How to draw your readers back for more?Becca
This is very hard for a starting blog, but also the best time to test this.
I believe that personality, creativity and your love for the blog is key here. I have tried many concepts since I started this blog and I am still playing with it (including this idea here today). By the end of every month I make a little evaluation, checking my stats and activities to make new plans to improve.

Alright, I hope you liked the first Q&A. Feel free to spam some more questions below for the next session. Don’t forget to leave you URL behind ;)

X Lily

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