Osaka diary Lilygoesjapan

One of the last diaries of Japan. 2 days in Osaka was clearly not enough. We were mostly occupied with food, but also tourist must-do’s and we wandered around town looking for interesting gems.. Enjoy the Osaka episode :)


Basil Seed drink
I got hooked on this drink when in Osaka. Never saw this drink again after this.
Basil seed

Updating the blog with an article in our AirBnb apartment.
blogging AIRBNB

Cafe Knopp
My weakness for latte art. It was halloween when we arrived in Osaka. So of course the coffee should suit the fiesta.
Cafe knopp latte art osaka

Osaka Ferris Wheel
It was a nice ride in this big Ferris wheel. You have such a beautiful view over the city this way. 
osaka ferris wheelOsaka ferris wheel

Kaiyukan Aquarium
When in Osaka one must go to the Kaiyukan Aquarium. I always have double feelings about the zoo and these kinds of places, because deep down inside I know that these adorable animals don’t belong in here. Yet I find it so fascinating to watch them, especially the enormous aquarium where the whale shark swims. We sat there for quite some time to admire this giant creature.
pinguin kaiyukan osakawhale shark kaiyukan osakawhale shark osaka Kaiyukanray kaiyukan osakasting ray osaka kaiyukan

 Dotombori areas
For shopping and food we went down town Osaka by night. The scenery is truly mesmerising and you don’t have to worry you will starve. Surrounded by the creative gigantic food statues and the blend of delicious smells of food. The only problem you will have is that you can’t choose. Very cliche but we went for sushi. I have to say that it was by far the most delicious sushi that I have ever had in my life. So fresh and so much taste in a salmon roll, making myself hungry only by thinking about it again.

dragon ramen osakablow fish osakasquid osakasushi osakacrap osakasushi osaka


We were a big fan of the breakfast at cafe Knopp, in the street of our AirBNB apartment. So yeah, with so many restaurants that Osaka has to offer we went to the same restaurant again! That must say something right? ;) Probably also because we were starting to long for some (healthy) western food after weeks.
breakfast cafe knopp osaka breakfast cafe knopp osaka

Tsūtenkaku tower, the Eiffel tower of Osaka on the background. This place consisted mostly of restaurants. We just had our breakfast, so we were only strolling around.
Tsūtenkaku osaka

Japanese high tea
Japanese high tea at Cafe Tsumugi. This was just perfect for a sweet tooth like me.
japanese high tea cafe tsumugi

Black burger (Burger King)
I only had one bite of it. It’s didn’t taste as weird as it looks at all.
black burger king

Japanese pudding, which taste like creme brûlée without the burned sugar topping. 
Japanese pudding

Ame-mura area
The American area of Osaka where you can find a small version of the statue of liberty. I had the feeling that I landed in Disneyland with the super cute concept store of Alice in Wonderland. Across from this store there was a man selling manga on the streets. It’s never boring in Japan!
Alice in wonderland store Osaka

book sale on the streets

Boarding time
Time to fly to our final destination: Okinawa. Aren’t these yellow airport seats the cutest?!
Osaka airport

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