I know, I am the worst for still posting updates from Japan while I am back for 2 months already! I still have 3 diaries to post from places I have been there, I mean, it’s a shame not to post them really, so I will try to hurry okay ;)

Because of the typhoon that was coming to Tokyo, we left town for the weekend to visit Hiroshima. Since it was just for the weekend, we mostly spent time doing the mandatory tourist activities when you were in Hiroshima. Enjoy this little diary of my 3 days in Hiroshima!

From Tokyo to Hiroshima
We arranged the JR pass in The Netherlands, so we could travel freely with the Shinkansen (a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan ). It was a 6 hour ride, so like everyone else on the train we stocked some food at the station. These bento boxes look so cute and they are so yummy!! We always buy much more than we can actually eat.


food shopping

bento box

Hiroshima by night
We went to Hondori to have dinner. We went for the Korean BBQ, which was on our bucket list. Our bellies were very satisfied!!

blood moon

By the time we arrived it was dark already. Little that we know it was the night of the blood moon. I have seen it before, still it’s very strange to see the moon like this.

Hiroshima restaurants

Turtle welcome

Not sure what this turtle was doing at the front door of the restaurant. I hope it’s only there to attract people rather then eating turtle meat inside!

Korean BBQ Hiroshima

Taito game station

Taito game station

After dinner we went to Taito Station, an arcade hall, to have some fun. It’s fascinating to watch others play. I also made an attempt to win a Totoro item, without any luck.

To Miyajima
When in Hiroshima, one must go to Miyajima island. We had the most relaxing day wandering around this beautiful historical island. From the famous gate (torii) in the sea, the bambis that were walking around, the temple, the food, tropical temperatures to the atmosphere on this island is a great mix for a fun day out.

boat to miyajima


bambi at miyajima

Miyajima port

miyajima low tide


kimono kids

Japanese wedding family portret




miyajima village

bambi attack

Miyajima sunset

Nuclear history
Hiroshima is best known as the first city in history to be targeted by a nuclear bomb. With an audio tour we learned much about this horrific catastrophe. Can’t believe that people can do this to each other. I had chills the entire tour. Let’s pray something like this will never happen again!

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum4

Hiroshima Peace Memorial MuseumJapanese school kids

Where to eat in a city you don’t know? Well, a non-stop cue should be the sign. Okinomiyaki with noodles is the dish of Hiroshima. You see this endless hall below? A hall with only okinomiyaki restaurants. It’s very small in there, you should eat, enjoy the hell of it and then get the * out! ;P

Apparently this one was chosen to be the best Okinomiyaki by Trip Advisor. That explains the fuss around it ;) It was indeed delicious!! But then again, I probably would have said that as well at one of their neighbours.

okonomiyaki hiroshima

okonomiyaki hiroshima

okonomiyaki hiroshima


bike umbrella

Sun glasses, sun cap and an umbrella that is attached to the bike. You can’t say they aren’t UV protected!

breakfast hiroshima

Breakfast of the day

mochi ice cream

Yummy chochoclate mochi ice cream

hello kitty moon cake

Hello Kitty moon cake. Yes, I am one of those people who would pay more for a cookie only because it’s Hello Kitty! :D

shopping mall hiroshima

Shopping mall.

japanese photo booth

Ending this article with a hilarious photo booth moment. Another thing you must do when in Japan. It’s not a normal photo booth, these photo booths make you skinnier, whiter, gives you bigger eyes and a pink blush. By the end of the photo shoot session you can also add props. I think we have spent an hour here and I have been crying from laughter seeing the results. 

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