#LilygoesJapanI have still tons of photos to share with you from our getaway to Japan. So, we stayed a few days in Tokyo as you have seen in the last Japan diary (click here) and we went for a quick trip of 3 days to Hiroshima and Kyoto and then came back to Tokyo for Fashion Week. To stay in the Tokyo vibe, I am skipping the Hiroshima article for now, saving it for another time.


Back in Tokyo
Tokyo Shinjuku
The night we arrived in Tokyo again. Tokyo is so bright. I feel like a moth drawn to lights when I walk in the streets. It’s not just the lights though, the music and sounds makes the Tokyo experience complete.

We went back earlier then planned because there was a big typhoon coming. We didn’t want to travel with nature playing around. Safety first.

Apa hotelApa hotel

We were staying in the Apa hotel in Shinjuku. From there we could walk to Shinjuku station to take the JR train or take the subway downstairs.


Street style2014-10-12 05.24.12-2

On our way to Shinjuku station we had to cross this road that was closed during construction. Normally this road is one of the busiest streets of Shinjuku. It was the perfect opportunity to have a shoot in the middle of the street.
Check out the full blog article –> here.

We had a big list of things we wanted to do, see, eat and experience while we were in Tokyo.

Tokyo Street style
Tokyo Street style Tokyo Street style Tokyo Street style Tokyo Street style Tokyo Street style Tokyo Street style Tokyo Street style
I don’t want to state the obvious, but there is just no other place on earth (places where I have been to at least ;)) that has such an outspoken ‘free’ street style than in Tokyo. It never gets bored to watch people around you, doing their own little run way show. You also just can’t help to constantly snap pictures. These are only a few that I have selected from one afternoon in the city.

geishasTokyo is such a modern city. Yet it so cool to see the contrast with their ancient history and culture. Between all the lolitas, business people, school girls, and other distinct styles you see these girls in kimonos. If you want, you can rent these kimonos for a day to walk around like a geisha :)

Traditional wedding

We went to the Yoyoghi park, next to the Harajuku station. There was a wedding happening. So cool to see a traditional wedding like this.

Japanese boy
japanese boyThis kid was looking so cool in his traditional clothing. Just when Nigel wanted to take a photo of him he was picking his nose whaha..

Lips skirt
Lips skirt

I think this skirt is so cool. Wouldn’t wear it any time soon though. Maybe at the next Tokyo Fashion Week?! :D

Hidden Tree house
Hidden Tree house Tokyo Harajuku

A (hidden) tree house to have your lunch or dinner. Too bad the tree house was closed both times we were trying to eat here, but thanks for the tip anyway Mio ;)

Harajuku alley
Harajuku alley

Harajuku is my favorite part of town in Tokyo. And this is another reason why. Between the cute shops you can find these amazing alleys that might lead to some hidden places.

OkonomiyakiWell, that little alley led us to this restaurant where we could make our own Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake with toppings).

Golden Gai
Golden Guy
Ended our day at Golden Gai in Shinjuku. We didn’t make any proper pictures here, but it is definitely worth mentioning. …. These were originally brothels, but after it was forbidden by law, they were turned into bars. The bars are very small though. Most of them only big enough to seat 6-8 people.


7elevenDid I already tell you that I go crazy mode when I visit their supermarkets? O M G so much that I want to try. 99% of all the things I tried so far are really delicious!


Magnolia Bakery magnolia bakery

Found a piece of NYC in Japan as well, one of my favorite cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery.


The Hachiko statue at Shibuja. I cried so hard watching this movie (Hatchi)!

Puppy store
puppy storepuppy
It breaks my heart to see these cutest puppies in a small box like this for sale.

MBFWT expo
MBFWT expo

MBFWT expo

MBFWT expo2

Fashion week kick off. Designer expos at Shibuya Hikarie.

Street style
StreetstyleAnother example to show that there are no rules in fashion.

Street style photographers
Street photographers

Between all those high fashion people, I got photographed by street photographers as well :)

Photoshoot at Shibuya crossing
2014-10-14 08.24.23-2

What seems to be impossible was possible! A photoshoot at the busiest crossroad ever in Shibuya. Check out the full blog article –> here.

Front rowing
Front rowingShow time! At first we though it was a mistake, but it was amazing to admire the collections front row (!) at every show.

MBFWT – A Degree Fahrenheit S/S2015 
2014-10-14 14.05.00

Kicked off MBFWT with the A Degree Fahrenheit show. Find the full report –> here.

DAY 10

Venus FortVenus fort Venus fort

It was the perfect day to go to Venus fort for us, because it was raining cats and dogs that day. VenusFort is a shopping mall designed to resemble a medieval European village.

These dogs are literally their babies.

MBFWT – Johan Ku S/S 2015 Johan ku S/S2015In the evening we went to our second show. This time from Johan Ku. Flowers flowers flowers in his collection. Inspired by the movie ‘The hanging garden’.

DAY 11

Tully’s breakfastTully's breakfastThis coffee house was right across our hotel. Pretty convenient in the morning to have a quick breakfast like this and good coffee to go. As you can see, we totally forgot about our diet during this trip.

MBFWT – Dressed/undressed S/S 2015 Dressed UndressedAn early show to see the Dressed Undressed SS15 collection. The theme of this collection was ‘intelligence’, which is translated to minimalistic black and white staples.

Tokyo (fashion) bloggersTokyo bloggersI sat next to Natalia (Tokyoholic) during the Dressed Undressed show. It was so great to meet new bloggers, especially in foreign countries! Knowing that the topics to talk about are endless. Admiring her for moving all the way from Russia to Tokyo to pursuit her career!
After the show she introduced me to three other Tokyo bloggers, Mayu (The5mayu), Yuri (Darayunya) and RinRin (

Underdressed Rinrin doll, Darayuna, th5MayuFunny thing is that I thought I was dressed up with my glitter skirt, but these Tokyo fashion bloggers are taking it 100 levels further!

Ice cream breakSanta monica ice cream tokyoIce cream breakIce cream break at Santa Monica in Harajuku. So much ‘kawaii-ness’ (Japanese word for cuteness, which you hear everywhere you go) and delish sweetness in Japan! You see many of these crepes with ice cream ‘”trucks” in Harajuku, so I was eager to try it out. It’s very sweet, but I really enjoyed it.

Government building observatory
Shinjuku government building observatory#lilygoesjapan
More touristy activities between shows. We went to the government building in Shinjuku to visit the free observatory deck to have a panoramic view of Tokyo on the 45th floor. Tokyo, the asian NYC! Thanks for the Tip Marloes ;)

Babyliss by Maya Murofushi
Maya Murofushi X BabylissMaya Murofushi
I got my hair done by the Babyliss team before the last shows. Maya was actually the model for Babyliss, but she got bored and wanted to do some hair herself. Little that I know, she is a pretty famous model & actress in Japan. Going to watch her movie ‘Tiger’ tonight!

MBFWT – KBF S/S 2015
KBF S/S2015Save the best for last?! The KBF show was my favorite fashion show so far. Check out the full blog article about this collection –> here.

dessert Hikari
All the shows took place at the top floor of the Hikari building, which is a huge shopping mall. So after the KBF show we went downstairs to the basement to take some dessert home with us.

DAY 12

Maid CafeMaid cafe maidreaminBefore we continued our trip to Kyoto, we had our little breakfast at a maid cafe. It was not allowed to take pictures there except from the food. But it is something that you have to experience yourself anyway ;) In these cafés, waitresses dressed in maid costumes act as servants and treat customers as masters. You will step into a surreal world, where you can play games, sing, watch and talk to them. A very interesting experience I can tell you!

Next episode will be in Hakone! Sayonara ;) X


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