It is true that there is no place in the world like Japan! Every day I am so eager to discover a little bit more of what this bizarre astonishing country has to offer. People never seem to be polite & kind enough, places can’t be spectacular enough or traditions and habits can’t be odd enough. I did a lot of homework beforehand to be prepared. Nonetheless this trip has already exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I want to share this adventure with you here on the blog. I have been taking snapshots (mostly with my iphone) as much as I could to give you an idea of how I am experiencing this amazing journey through Japan.


1. Typhoon

The morning of arrival in Tokyo at Narita airport. My first thought was: “Really?! Rain?!”. It turned out to be a typhoon! Luckily we have escaped the worst part already. Right here we were taking the Narita express train to Tokyo station to switch there to Akabane station, where our hotel for the next two days is.

2. Pink bath
bathroom pink bath
Our hotel was just a 5 minutes walk from the station. Still we managed to get lost in the rain. In the end we asked a young Japanese couple who didn’t speak English. So even though he couldn’t give us the directions, he guided us all the way to the front door of the hotel. Did I mention it was pouring cats and dogs at that time?! My first encounter with a Japanese local couldn’t be more kind! Thank you stranger!

After check in I wanted to get out of the wet clothes and take a relaxed warm bath after traveling for 11 hours. The reception gave me this powder to put in your bath, I had to laugh how pink this turned out! It smelled nice though ;)

3. First ramen

After taking a nap for a few hours, it was time for food!! I couldn’t wait to taste the real deal of ramen, my favorite Japanese dish. So, of course ramen was our first meal in Japan. Yes.. It is even better than I imagined, I can get used to this for the next 4 weeks!!

4. Hair products
Hair products japanI need something for my frizzy hair here, but every product here is only with Japanese descriptions. If I only knew what to buy for my hair.



5. JR rail station
waiting for the JR train

Didn’t sleep much that night due to jet lag, but it was time to turn on the tourist mode. First stop of the Tokyo tour was to Shinjuku.

6. Din Tai Fong
Din Tai Fung - Shinjuku japanLunch at Din Tai Fung, a restaurant I have been to before in Singapore, so I knew the food is great at this place. They are well known for their ‘xiao long bao’, soup-dumplings.

7. Sun cap
suncap japan

Beauty is such a subjective conception. Beauty in Japan (and Asia overall) means being skinny, having big eyes and pale white skin. Anything to prevent from the sun rays as you can see.

8. Mouth cap

You see a lot of people walking around with a white mouth cap to prevent to get ill or to infect others. Only this chick takes it to the next level by fashionably match it with her look! LIKE!

9. Brightful Shinjuku

Exploring brightful Shinjuku. Actually we were looking for a place to eat (AGAIN!)

10. Dinner at a random busy restaurant
Japanese Dinner

Japanese Dinner yummmm! Sometimes we don’t even know what we have ordered, as they don’t really speak English nor have an English menu most of the times. Pointing at some dishes helps, you at least know what it looks like. It’s fun to try new things this way, it’s always a surprise!

11. Cheers

Cheers to our trip in Japan!!! Our first full day in Tokyo was a blast!



12. McCafe for wifi
We went to the McCafe because we desperately needed wifi. We forgot to download the itinerary from a friend with tips about Harajuku. Unfortunately, it was a fail, because we couldn’t connect somehow. But the matcha and cake I ordered were two thumps up yum!!

13. Harajuku Tokyu plaza
Tokyu plazaShopping time!!

14. Tokyu plaza entrance
Tokyu plaza entranceThe spectacular entrance of the Tokyu shopping mall. I really liked the brands and boutiques in this mall.

15. Starbucks Tokyu plazaTokyu plaza starbucksOkay, this photo doesn’t do this Starbucks enough justice. You should google this place, it is by far the most beautiful Starbucks I have been to, on the top floor of Tokyu plaza.

16. Starbucks with a view
Tokyu plaza starbucks
Our wifi search continued here at this Starbucks. Strange but even here it was hard to connect with the online world.

17. Halloween
Halloween is apparently a big theme here. Getting in the mood at every store you pass by.

18. Crossing by nightHarajuku by nightAfter a few fail attempt to get wifi we just walked around in the area, trying to get lost.

19. Kiddy land
Kiddy land
A big toy store with everything asian cute you can think of!

20. Sticker store
Sticker store
We went into a side street and ended up at a very nice shopping street with little boutiques like this sticker store. Can you believe, a whole store full with stickers only!!

21. Squid balls
Squid balls
Passing by this corner restaurant for a snack. Trying out the squid balls for the first time. It’s not my all-time favorite, but still very yummy!

After Tokyo we continued our trip by train to Hiroshima. More about Hiroshima in the next episode ;) It is actually quite hard to make a ‘small’ photo selection to show you, but I hope I succeeded to make a recap of our two days in Tokyo. We will be back in Tokyo for fashion week, stay tuned for Tokyo part II!

Greetings from Japan,

Hashtag by Lily