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Two weeks too late! My apologies. My life has been too hectic without an assistant. Yay for me, to have found a new one, Raisa, who started this week. We're going to pick up the blog life! I clearly neglected the blog last month, but you know I always come back. Better late than never, I curated a few favorites from July and I started working on the August edit right after ;)

x Lily


Aveda damage remedy intensive restructuring treatment
Origins Three part harmony day night eye cream duo
Lancaster sun sport cooling mist spf 30

Aveda Damage Remedy hair mask

€42,- Aveda

My hair care regime mainly consists of Aveda products. I just love the whole concept of Aveda, with a mission to care for the world we live in. The products are organic and in a way they give back to society.

My hair dresser recommended this hair mask to me since I colored my hair lighter. It gives your hair a deep repair with quinoa protein. I can really see the difference, so I use this one religiously.

Origins Three part harmony eye cream

€78,31 Origins

I can’t live without eye creams. I know a lot of people skip this phase, but believe me, you will see a difference in the years to come. Eye wrinkles start showing first, so take this seriously.

During the day you need protective ingredients in the eye cream and the night cream focusses on restore and repair, oftentimes heavier creams.
I adore Origins products and this one is easy as you have both creams in one separately.

Lancaster SPF30 Cooling Mist

€32,45 Lancaster

As soon as you spray, the body mist will absorbed it right away. I love how easy it is and how refreshing the cool spray feels. This product is alcohol free, oil free and waterproof. It contains TAC which accelerates the tanning.

This product is perfect when you have an active day planned. Before I leave the house I spray it all over my body before I hop on the bike to the office.


Charlotte Tilbury Sexy Sienna matte revolution lipstick
Armani beauty A-blush

Benefit Gimme brow gel

€28,04 Benefit

When you think of Benefit, you think of perfect eye brows! There are a few products from their collection that I can't live without and this brow gel is one of them! The applicator makes it easy for you to apply the transparent gel that will last the whole day. 

Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution

€32,- Charlotte Tilbury

If you're looking for a matte lipstick, I can recommend this one from Charlotte Tilbury. I do have to use lipbalm, because it's quite dry. "Pillow talk" is a very popular nude shade, I often go for the "Sexy Sienna" because I like the more peachy color on a daily basis.

Armani blush

€41,78 Armani Beauty

Every now and then I feel like using a blush. It’s not a standard step in my daily make up routine, mostly because I am lazy and don’t feel like putting too many products on my face.
Also, I avoid powders whenever I can, which makes this blush perfect as it’s a liquid version!

Because of the substance, it’s really easy to blend in with your skin. If you put on one layer it’s pigmented enough to notice a subtle touch which I love. And if you want a deeper color, you can easily build this with an extra layer.


Lion King

Lion King

It’s not exaggerated when I say that I have seen the The Lion King a thousand times. All Disney videos were my heroes growing up with The Lion King in particular. When I was 8 years old, I even performed with Jazz ballet on the song “I just can’t wait to be king”. Enough nostalgia and super high expectations which this new version definitely met. I will probably watch this a thousand times on repeat as well.

When you watch the new version (especially IMAX 3D) you can’t believe how good this is animated. I didn’t cry when Mufasa died this time, but I did at another moment. Just go watch it if you haven’t already :)


Again, the biggest Disney fan here! I have seen Aladdin a thousand times, but I also know every word of the script by heart because I listened to the audio version before bedtime when I was about 6 years old.

Will Smith does a phenomenal job playing the Genie in this movie and it’s amazing to see that princess Jasmine has become such a feminist in this version.

Mad Men

Looking for a serie that you can easily watch away, there are 7 seasons of Mad Men on Netflix. This serie has won many awards, including 16 Emmys and 5 Golden Globes. I started with Mad Men, doubting if I should continue after the first episodes. At some point I got fascinated by this time period, the costumes, social life, the culture, acting and it’s historical authenticity (such as the John F. Kennedy incident, Marther Luther King etc.) and all the cases they work on like Waldorf Astoria and Heinz.


Hula Hula Amsterdam
Arket pastries
The Bab Amsterdam

Hula Hula

Address: Lijnbaansgracht 161, 1016 VX Amsterdam

There is a new theme restaurant in town named Hula Hula! As you can see on the picture, interior design on point. This tropical spot brings you on a culinary vacation to Hawaii. Think of Poke bowls with watermelon instead of fish, oysters, risotto of cauliflower or a good steak that tastes incredible and visually look like art. Next to the food, there is a bar to have your cocktails in the tropical atmosphere.

Koningsplein 20, 1017 BB Amsterdam

I heard many rumors about the Arket pastries. The PR surprised us with a lemon muffin delivery at the office last month, which made me crave for more.

In the center of Amsterdam you find Artket, 5 minutes from our office. I tried the cinnamon bun which is as good as people keep telling me. I can’t wait to try the other pastries, one by one.  

The Bab

Address: Camperstraat 36, 1091 AG Amsterdam

Korean food gets me excited! Preferably I would have ordered the whole menu, which was a bit too much for just the two of us. We ordered 4 dishes, Bulgogi bibimbab, TTeokbokki, sweet Korean fried chicken and kimchi pancake. All tastes really nice, with the last two dishes in particular that I can recommend.