After my little jetlag birthday on Thursday, I started working already on Friday and Saturday. Yesterday evening I had another birthday celebration, this time dinner with my close friends and family in Eindhoven.
Between the Japan articles I have to squeeze in this #indenimwetrust campaign that I literally have shot just a few hours ago to meet the deadline. Luckily today was the perfect day to shoot this look here in Amsterdam!

I just recently discovered the great deal behind denim jeans at the denim workshop in Roermond. Denim has always been my ‘go to’ when I don’t know what to wear, whether it is great fitted jeans, oversized blouse or a classic jacket. The reason is probably because it is so easy to pair. It goes along with literally everything! With heels or flats, coat or jacket, winter or summer (every season for that matter ;)), sporty or classy, with print or monochrome, well you get the picture.

So the #indenimwetrust campaign from The Sting is a perfect opportunity for me (and also for you (!), so keep reading ;)) to join, to spread the denim love.
I wanted to create my ultimate denim jeans look for this collaboration. That means denim jeans pairing with an oversized tee, plaid blouse around the waist and of course, heels. Within this combo you can vary a lot. I finished this look with a big clutch under my arms and adding the Heel up feathers on my black heels.

What is your ultimate denim look?

Share this look on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag ‘#indenimwetrust’ to win free denim items from The Sting and tickets to, what is promised, the best party of the year, by The Sting!
Need more inspiration? Check out The Sting lookbook, here. If you want an extra entry for this price you can also subscribe to their newsletter, here.

Wanne go to this awesome party? I get to bring a few people with me, so who is interested to go party like a rock star with me on November 21st?! :D

PS: I am in a bloggers battle for the #indenimwetrust campaign. You can vote for me by ‘liking’ my picture on Facebook –> here. Thanks for support guys!! :)

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Entire look from the Sting.

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