Deep in thoughtsAs this blog became a big part of my life, I also share personal thoughts here from time to time. It’s my little place, my outlet. Sometimes I just write, not knowing who might read this. It is just a great therapy for me that simultaneously reflects my state of mind.

I am going to the memorial today from a very special person who has gone way too soon in the MH17 incident. Up until today I still cannot believe that she is gone and I miss her more with every week that goes by. I find it so strange to go on with life like nothing has happened. Hopefully there will be some closure after today.

Yesterday I saw the movie ‘The fault in our stars’. Bring some tissues with you if you are going to watch it. There was one quote in the movie that really got stuck into my head, namely: ‘if you want a rainbow you have to deal with the rain’.
A quote that makes you think. A quote that everyone can relate to, whatever you may have gone through. Tough times in life are  inevitable, that’s just life. It really shapes the person that we become. We also know that it isn’t always fair, but that we still have to deal with it, whether we like it or not. Just hang in there to see the rainbow. We only live once. Enjoy the little things and make every day count!

Hopefully there will be a rainbow soon in this (MH17) chapter. My thoughts and prayers are with you Hanny <3

Deep in thoughts

Deep in thoughts

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