Hey! We're going to Ibiza!

I can't help it, I have to play the The Vengaboys if I go to Ibiza :) Yes, I am going back to the island with Celeste and Saskia (our super intern). We're gonna have a party and review an awesome awesome hotel. I still have to pack for tomorrow, so this post really comes in handy. I can't wait to share this adventure with you. 


Wenz.nl is a Dutch webshop selling various brands of women and men's fashion, but you can also find interior designs. 

I wanted to create and inspiration mood board to fit the Ibiza theme. Well, swimwear was a must of course. I picked this statement swimsuit to be the party animal. I love the tropical leaves on it a lot! 

Moreover, I picked different accessories to complete the look.  I mean, how cool is number 7, the (scorpion) zodiac sign! So yes, these are my essentials to take on a holiday as inspiration this week (so it doesn't necessarily have to be Ibiza ;)). Where are you going to vacation?


1 Tom Tailor, 25€, 2 Fürstenberg, 180€, 3 Aimée, 30€, 4 Grazielli, 80€,
5 Kennel & Schmenger, 200€, 6 SOCCX, 60€, 7 KLiNGEL, 80€