HAPPY 2015!!

Happy 2015!

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! I wish you all the luck, health, love and lots of laughter in 2015! 2014 was an awesome (blog) year and I will continue to reach for the stars in 2015!
Thank you guys so much for sticking with me and for all those lovely comments I have received.

A brand new year, a fresh new start. Making resolutions that we hopefully keep. I certainly have new plans. Like pursuing a more travel orientated blog. But also starting a business aside from this blog. I am so looking forward, yet a bit scared to jump into this new chapter, but there is really no reason not to chase this dream.

Once I have managed the foundation, you are of course the first to know about this secret ;)

Then today’s editorial. I have saved this last Japan shoot to kick off 2015! It’s something totally different than the usual street style shoots. This time I had to bring out the inner “super model” in me (*ahum whahaha you get the picture ;)). The whole setting was just perfect together with this simple elegant Asos dress. It would be a shame to not make fully use of the breathtakingly beautiful Tokashiki Island.

Normally I adjust the lightning or contrast and maybe hide a pimple or two with Photoshop. But to keep the rawness in this shoot, I haven’t done any photoshop touch ups at all this time. I hope you like this first post of the year! Let’s rock 2015 shall we?!

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dress: Asos (sale)
necklace: Mango (sale)

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