Bubble in Keukenhof


When you get an invitation from to have a unique stay at the Keukenhof, you of course say yes! Although I didn’t know to what I said yes to yet, I was promised that it would be amazing. When I realize I was going to stay in a bubble I was beyond excited. Also, it was my very first ‘glamping’ experience, because the bathroom was 200 meters away at the main entrance of Keukenhof.

Keukenhof is a beautiful flowerpark in The Netherlands that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. I have been there before 14 years ago, but I didn’t remember that it was this cool and beautiful.
So on Keukenhof ground, set up this bubble for five days where I slept in for one night. The bubble was just so cute with a comfy bed inside, a fridge, a heater (it got colder at night) and a little terrace to sit outside. Check out the video room tour on my Instagram post here (swipe to the second carousel post).
It’s already two weeks ago and I am still telling people how incredible the experience was. As the bubble was transparent and we were lucky with the clear sky, I was counting stars before I went to dreamland.

We completed the full Keukenhof experience by going on a boat ride and rented bikes to explore the flower fields in the area. It was a perfect little get-a-way that I can check off my bucket list, even though I didn’t know it was on it ;)

Thank you for this wonderful experience! A lot of people asked me how to book this bubble, but unfortunately it was a one-time promotion that got sold out in less than a minute! I do hope they will have more of these unique collaborations in the future, because I can recommend this to everyone who is a little bit adventurous :)

Bubble glamping

Counting the stars before dreamland

Glamping in Keukenhof
Bubble glamping at night
Bollenstreek keukenhof lisse
Hashtag by Lily Lisse Bollenstreek

Exploring the flowerfield by bike!

Bike though flower field Lisse The netherlands

Location: Keukenhof
Photos by Girl on Kicks

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