#lilyweeklyhighlights no.8

Welcome to this weekly blog post of my highlights. We are starting at number 8, because I have been doing these posts on Instagram for a few weeks already and 8 is a lucky (Chinese) number ;) 
Here on the blog is the extended version, with a bit more photos and info. Enjoy!   

X Lily

New hair

Thank you @iinnsustainablebeauty and @avedanl for the botanical treatment and for covering my grey hairs again. 
Jasmijn blow dried my hair super shiny and glam. 

Address: Singel 188, 1016 AA Amsterdam

New hair

Sweets for my sweet

Ugh can’t get enough of these little treats from Banketbakkerij G. Roetman. I can eat this entire box at once 💕 (I didn’t, I shared.. (a bit 🤪))

Address: Osdorper Ban 128, 1068 MK Amsterdam

Banketbakkerij G. roetman Amsterdam

Korean beauty store

Love to shop at kawaii Korean beauty store Haru Haru beauty in the 9 streets of Amsterdam 💜
Look at all the sheet masks. If it was possible, I would have loved to try all the sample in the store.

I always succeed to buy a gift for a girl friend here.  

Address: Hartenstraat 4, 1016 CB Amsterdam


Colorful vegan burgers

I have seen it in my feed for a while, the colorful vegan burgers from Flower Burgers. It was about time that we gave it a try. The burgers are pleasing for the eyes and pretty tasty too!

Address: Hartenstraat 29H, 1016 CA Amsterdam

Flowerburger amsterdam
Flowerburger Amsterdam

Bachata workshop at Base Create Collab

We organised a bachata workshop at @basecreatecollab and it was sooo much fun!!! I missed these “gezellige” gathers with music, dance and happy people 💃🏻🕺🏻
It was my first time bachata. I’m trying to convince my husband now to take classes now. 

Bachata workshop at base create collab
Bachata base create collab amsterdam
Bachata base create collab 8
Bachata base create collab 7

Stadsoase de Zomertuin

Beachy Vibes in the city for a “gezellige ” brunch, lunch or dinner. Can’t believe I haven’t visited this summer beach garden in Eindhoven before. Good vibes, good service and nice food. Place to be for a good time with friends ☀️

Address: Hugo van der Goeslaan 2-03, 5613 LG Eindhoven

Stadsoase de zomertuin Eindhoven
Stadsoase de zomertuin eindhoven
Stadsoase de zomertuin eindhoven 1
Stadsoase de zomertuin eindhoven 6
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