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February Favorites

Hi loves, I hope you’re doing amazing. I have been traveling and planning a lot of things around Hashtag by Lily, which is very exciting and inspiring to do, and you will be able to see the results very soon. Something with videos, and new projects ;)

Now, I want to introduce a new section of the blog. Next to my fashion and travel recommendations that you usually find on my blog, I want to share other things as well, and now it happens to be my monthly favorite (sometimes random) things.  
You see, I am a sharer by nature. When I am enthusiastic about something, I am the best ambassador you can find. I will promote the product, place or service to many people, even before my influencer time. So you can say I found my calling within my job.

In my monthly favorites, I share these random things from all sorts of categories in a blogpost at the end of the month. Personally I really love to see these kinds videos on Youtube. So I thought, why not give it a try in a blog-form. I hope you love this new addition on the blog!

X Lily


estee lauder advanced night repair
Origins Ginzing Eye Cream
Take The Day Off Lids, Lashes & Clinique Lips (1,2,3,4)Make-up remover

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair

€78,98, Estée Lauder

This Estée Lauder serum doesn’t need an introduction. This best seller serum gives my skin a real boost. 

I started using anti-aging products a few years ago and I can definitely see the benefits from this Estee Lauder serum, as people still guess that my age is 21 (I’m 32). As I have quite dry skin during the winter, this serum really helps at giving my skin the perfect hydration and boost that it needs. And since wrinkles are caused by the aging process which will make your skin loses its elasticity, becomes drier, and less able to protect itself from environmental damages, having a serum that does all of that to your skin is just heaven.

And I know that the asian genes helps as well, but I am convinced that it is also because of all the beauty products that I regularly use to keep my skin young. After finished a few bottles of this Estée Lauder serum, I can say that this is one of beauty faves!

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream

€23,47, Origins

Another favorite beauty brand of mine is Origins that uses natural ingredients in its products. There are plenty of products from Origins that I can recommend, yet I picked this eye cream in particular for this month. The main ingredients are ginseng and coffee beans, which helps to reduce dark, depuffs and brightens the eyes.

The sponge applicator makes it really easy to apply. Therefore, I carry it in my bag to retouch my eye cream on the go during the day.

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover

€22,39, Clinique

Taking off my make up is an absolute must every single night. I oftenly wear waterproof make up (mascara & lipstick) that can be easily removed with this Clinique make up remover. It’s perfume free and good for all skin types. I have a very sensitive skin, which makes me very picky when it comes to picking make up removers. This one is just one of the most effective ones that I have tried.


BADgal Bang! Volume MiniMascara BENEFIT

Dior Face Glow Palette

€49,70, Dior Backstage

I received a lot of products from the Dior Backstage collection last year (check it out here). It was hard to pick a favorite, as they are all sooo good! I can recommend the foundation, and contour palette, but especially this cute highlighter palette. It’s very pigmented, so you can mesmerize people with the glow. I use every color on this palette. The brown I use as my eye shadow from time to time.   

Benefit BADgal BANG! Mascara

€14,27, Benefit Cosmetics

I feel like the mascara search is a never ending experiment. My current favorite is this one from Benefit, as I like the brush applicator that can separate all the lashes of mine. With my short Asian lashes, this mascara give me volume and length and is easy to apply.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Perfume

€55,07, Yves Saint Laurent

I am aware that I am so lucky to receive so many amazing beauty products to test out. I am very selective in the brands that I use and love though. YSL beauty is definitely one of them. This Black Opium is currently my go to perfume, which is elegant, modern and edgy at the same time.


michelle obama becoming
that sugar film
to all the boys i've loved before

Michelle Obama – Becoming

€29,95, Bol.com

Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States, my hero. I have been watching every single interview from her “Becoming” book tour. The book is her memoir with deep reflection in exquisite storytelling. She inspires the world on so many levels. This book is her legacy with a powerful message to chase your dreams and that everything is possible. I haven’t finished the book just yet, but I am already obsessed with it.


That sugar film (Netflix Documentary)

Netflix has many good documentaries. I am really into healthy lifestyle videos lately and educate myself about this subject. The last one I watched was “That sugar film”. The film is following an experiment by the Australian Damon Gameau, to see the effect on your body by eating hidden sugar in food. In my opinion this should be common knowledge, something they should teach at school when we were young to avoid the big obesity problem nowadays.  

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Netflix Movie)

This is a romantic teenage feel good comedy. This one pops out for me, because the main character is played by an Asian girl, which is really nice to see for a change. Lara Jean writes letters to boys she has a crush on, but doesn’t send it to them. Her little sister found these letters and send it to all the boys, which brings her to many awkward funny situations.



Friends game

Toilette bag

€41,-, Victoria Secret
Cheaper option –> €5,81, Yesstyle

The best buy I have done for my beauty products is this toilette bag from Victoria secret. All my products (you know I have a big beauty routine) fits in here. The best part is that you can hang it with the hook. This way I don’t have to spread all my products on the sink yet still have the overview because it’s see-through.

Friends Trivial pursuit

€21,99, Bol.com

I challenge all “Friends fans” to play this game!! I think I have watched the serie over 20 times over and over again. It never bores. I still crack up over all the hilarious scenes and play backing all the lines as I know them by heart. So happy that I can watch it on Netflix now. It’s safe to say that Friends is my all time favorite sitcom.
Still, the trivial questions were hard to answer!! So fun to play with your mutual “Friends” friends ;)


Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx
hashtagbylily at umaimon amsterdam ramen

Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx

Address: Voetboogstraat 33
1012 XK Amsterdam

The best fries in town! Home-made Belgian fries with plenty of sauce choices in the middle of the center. Perfect snack when you’re shopping in the main streets.

Van Stapele

Address: Heisteeg 4 
1012 WC Amsterdam

These fresh baked cookies from Van Stapele are devine. They only sell one type of chocolate dough cookies with soft white chocolate filling. You will probably stand in a line that goes all the way outside, but it will worth your wait ;)


Address: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 51 
1017 PW Amsterdam

I should get free ramen here with how often I promote and recommend this place. Noodles are my favorite food. So I am quite picky. 
Well, I have just been here twice this week.  Should say enough ;) I always go for the creamy broths (spicy and not spicy). But all the others are pretty tasty as well! 

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