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Winter is coming!! Before that I have a few fall favorites that I would like to share with you! Some beauty faves that I have been using and some suggestions that you can fill your time with. Enjoy!! 

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Fall Favorites HashtagbyLily

Puffer Jacket (€50)• Jumpsuit (€35) • HandBag (€970)

September Favorites

Denim Jeans (€25)• White Blouse  (€30,99)• Heels (€79,95)

September Favorites

Puffer Jacket  (€79,90)• Wide Leg Jeans (€39,90)

September Favorites

TrenchcoatStraight Leg Jeans (€98) • Top  (€8)• Hat (€45)


BECCA Glow Gloss

€21,99  BECCA Cosmetics

Becca Cosmetics is known for their best-selling shimmering highlighters so when I got to try the ‘Glow Gloss’  I knew it had to be good! I usually prefer wearing lipsticks as It doesn’t tend to dry on my lips, and a Lipgloss, is well.. always sticky. However, the Glow Gloss has more nourishing benefits, a plumbing effect, pigmented and feels comfortable on the lips. The shade I have been loving is called ‘Citrine’. 

Lancôme Idôle

€72,95  Lancôme

When I visited the launch of Lancome’s Idôle, I was totally intrigued by the look and feel and the scent ( jasmine, rose & chypre accord) of the fragrance. The idea behind the perfume is to state the ‘Future of Fragrance’ represented by strong, empowered and outspoken women. As Lancome said: ‘’It’s a soul connecting fragrance which leads to believe she can conquer anything she desires.’’ It is a beautiful campaign with Zendaya as Lancome new Ambassadress. The slight sweet floral essence of Idôle makes it great for everyday wear. It has become one of my favorite perfumes.

YSL Sequin Crush Gold Eyeshadow

€30,45  Yves Saint Laurent

‘Legendary Gold’ my favorite shade of the mono YSL Beauty eyeshadows. It is embellished with a 3D glitter effect and it is stunning! It also lasts for a night out, definitely. So many sparkles that make this eyeshadow perfect for eyeshadow look for this season! 



€24,60  Oy

OY deo wash neutralizes organisms that cause uncomfortable body odor. It comes in a big tube and has a gel texture, a little goes a long way. You apply the gel upon areas where you experience body odor and leave it on for a couple minutes, then you wash it away. Unlike other deodorants, it doesn’t stop the sweating process, but in fact, prevents your body to build up body odor. Even after a work-out I experience no uncomfortable smells, whatsoever.  OY is safe to use for people with sensitive skin, contains no parabens or preservatives and is also biodegradable. This is a great option for people who want to become more sustainable and body odor free!


€35,- Sugarbearhair

These cute little bear vitamins condition your hair & nails, and it’s pretty delicious. I’ve been taking 2 of them as prescribed every day for two weeks straight now. I noticed that the outgrowth of my hair colour happens much faster, which means my hair is growing inch by inch!

MILU Face Trainer

€42,95  MILU

A new beauty tool has been added to my skincare routine: MILU’s face trainer. I have been using it for weeks now, every morning and evening. It’s like a relaxing massage that helps your blood circulation of the facial muscles, and firms and lifts the skin.


Fall Favorites HashtagbyLily
not another bill

Dice Game

€13,45 Keer op Keer

I love to play games when I’m with friends, especially offline games. I do this weekly, spending quality time with them. Our latest obsession is ‘Keer op keer’. You can play this with 1 to 6 players it saids, but I think you can play it with even more people. It’s not an complex game to play. You need to be strategic and have some luck on your side. The average game time is about 20 minutes.

iPhone 11 Pro

€59 p/m iPhone 11 Pro

Since I got the i-Phone 11 Pro I can’t imagine myself without it. The most impressive feature has to be the wide-angle lens. I have been using it often to record content in a different perspective. You can read more about the iPhone 11 Pro  in my blog post about my favorite apps I have been using so far.

Customized iPhone phonecase

Since I discovered the convenience of using phone accessories such as a ‘’Phone Cord and Ring’’ I am phone hands free. Not-Another-Bill gives you the opportunity to customize your clear case, that has a scratch-resistant coating. I got mine with a gold plated chain and I have been loving it!


The Brief – EP055 Ron Simpson

Listen here

This podcast is interesting for marketing people and entrepreneurs. In this episode you will hear the conversation with Ron Simpson the co-founder of the famous Avocado show. As an entrepeneur, I found a lot of learnings about creating a brand and storytelling. 

101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think

€21,56 Bol.com

I think this book is a wonderful gift you can give yourself or someone else. So many insights into your own mind when you read this. For me at least, I got so many epiphanies during this book. Highly recommended for mindful people.

Disney Plus

Disney Channel has been launched. I’m such a Disney fan! Of course have a membership. I can still sing-a-long with all the classics, Lion King, Aladdin, Little mermaid etc. When I have time, I watch one or two movies there a day. I love it!


September Favorites
September Favorites

Golden Chopsticks

Oude Doelenstraat 1, 1012 ED Amsterdam

It’s getting colder and I am craving more to soups lately. My go-to Chinese restaurant to eat the best Wonton soup in town is at the Golden Chopsticks. One large soup bowl is enough to share for two! 


Herenstraat 23, 1015 BZ Amsterdam www.cakestix.nl

At Cakestix, the name gives it away already, you can have delicious cake on a stick which is vegan-friendly. Then you choose from a range of the sweetest toppings and sauces. It is a cute concept made for the sweet tooth between us! #BeenThereDrippedThat


Meeuwenlaan 88, 1021 JK Amsterdam

WONDR Experiences is an interactive pop-up museum where you can immerse yourself in the various artful spaces, or so to say, ‘Worlds’. I featured this museum in my latest blogpost 9 must visit museums be sure to check it out!

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