Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifying Fan

DYSON pure hot + cool

With the temperature rising this week, I can only be happy and totally be at ease with the tropical weather. My fiancé always makes fun of me, because I am cold all the time. To give you a reference, I ordered a hot tea outside when it’s 26℃ and I was wearing a jacket last week. 30℃+ is when I wear shorts and still bring a scarf with me in my bag. 

That said, I am happy to have the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool in my house now. Now I am able to control the temperature and filter the room at the same time. It’s such a cool feature that I can put on the Dyson purifier remotely. Besides the obvious reasons why this piece of technology is so amazing, I am going to give you a few anecdotes of how I incorporated the Dyson Pure Hot + Cold in my life the last two months. 



  • Three different functions: cleans, cools, and warms
  • Asthma and allergy friendly
  • Automatic air purification with Dyson app
  • Live air quality and temperature reports on LED screen
  • Features a night mode: dimmed LED screen and low noise level
  • Purifies air in all corners of the room 
  • Easy filter maintenance


dyson app gif

One of the great things about this Dyson purifier is you can control it through your phone. There are many different functionalities you can play around with. I love that you can be anywhere, even outside of your home, to adjust and control your home's air quality.   

Hay fever

I put the Dyson purifier in our bedroom for a while when it was hay fever season. On my way home in the evening, I put the Dyson purifier on to filter the room before I enter the front door to have a good night's sleep in a clean room.

There are different ways to monitor your air quality at home.  

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier


I don’t like to have the fan on all the time when I am sleeping. My mum always told me that you can get a cold from it, especially when you don’t rotate the air, but point it directly to your face. So, the timer feature is perfect to set for about two hours and I can continue sleeping without noticing.


From the screenshot, you can see how much it affects the air quality when we are cooking.


Not that it happens a lot, lol, but once or twice a week we cook in the house. Now we always put on the purifier, to filter the air. Especially when we fry something, you see a red peak in the app, so you know the sensors are working.

*In Collaboration with Dyson