Dreamy Realmonte

Buongiorno! A new article from Sicily! We started our road trip from Realmonte in the Agrigento province. Apparently January and February are the two months that it is quite chilly in Sicily with a lot of rain. Last time I checked the weather forecast I was a bit disappointed, because it would indeed rain all weekend except on our first day. So when the sun came out that morning, I knew I had to get the most out of this sunny day! My iPhone app says 13 degrees, but it really felt like 25 degrees in the sun!

It does have its benefits to visit this place off-season. There was no one to be found on the beaches and we discovered the cutest deserted beach house with the perfect view to hang out.
Watching the ocean waving in front of you with my love by my side was the ultimate wanderlust feeling. Blessed is the word that keeps popping in my head while trying to take it all in. Absorb the moment and then taking a lot of photos to capture this perfect moment ghehe..

I packed this white dress with me just because I bought it (in sale) the day before departure. I didn’t really thought to actually wear it with the weather conditions, but there I go.. The suitcases were in the car where I quickly changed in the backseat just for this shoot. It was the perfect dress to create these dreamy images. I hope you like it as much as I do. Stay tuned for a whole lot more Sicily, because this is just the beginning ;)

Dreamy Realmonte Sicily Dreamy Realmonte Sicily Dreamy Realmonte SicilyDreamy Realmonte Sicily Dreamy Realmonte SicilyDreamy Realmonte SicilyDreamy Realmonte Sicily

dress: Zara

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