Diamond earrings


A piece of jewelry contains such a big value to a person, and I am not even talking about the price tag. Wearing a piece adds personality and style, because you choose to wear it. Jewelry can tell stories. For instance, a passed down jewelry for generations, a gift to celebrate, or when you wore it on a particular occasion. When you think about this piece, it will remind you of those precious memories. All of these reasons make wearing a jewelry so meaningful and special to me.

Marilyn Monroe sings “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. I am collecting my friends :) My grandma passed down a diamond necklace to me, I got a diamond engagement ring, all so dear to me. And the newest edition to this friendship are these dainty diamond earrings from Mostert Juweliers.

A subtle bling I wear daily to add a luxurious elegant touch. Selecting diamonds feels like selecting a partner. In that regard, it will forever stay with you! Seriously, it takes me hours if not days to find the perfect match.

There are so many beautiful options at Mostert Juweliers, from different price ranges. I am over the moon with my choice. This one is here to stay and who knows to the next generations.  


*In collaboration with Mostert Juweliers

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