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Crop Tops

Wearing crop tops has become one of my signature style lately. I own quite a lot of options and I am still expanding the collection. If it's not cropped, I will cut it cropped lol. It's also super diverse, as you can go with a very classy one to a more casual sport bra or tee. 

As my body silhouette is pear shaped, I put the accent mostly on my waist for a "slimmer" appearance. I always pair it with high waist pants or skirts though, because my abs are nowhere to be found. If you ask me, the outfit always looks interesting with a crop top and so easy to combine. Yes, the favorite trend of the month goes to crop tops! 

The first who dared to wear crop tops - Marilyn Monroe

History of crop tops..

...the cropped top became a fashion trend of the 90's pop culture and made its comeback in modern times, it was already well known as an established part of traditional clothing, for example Indian women wearing the Choli (a short top underneath the Sari) or Egyptian belly dancers wearing the Bedlah (a two-piece costume). In the 1940's the cropped top was worn for the first time as a fashion trend, combined with high waist skirts or pants. Even though it wasn't immediately approved from the conservative society of that time, the trend managed to survive and even thrive during the 50's when fashion icons like Marilyn Monroe, who was also named the sexiest woman alive, wore it.

Crop top inspiration

trend crop top


1 Versace, 160€

2 Rosie Assoulin, 714€ (from 1,190€)

3 A Piece Treaty, 131€ (from 262€)

4 Walk of Shame, 735€

5 Dodo Bar Or, 63€ (from 93€)

6 Marysia, 145€

7 Alberta Ferretti, 125€

8 Forte Forte, 150€ (from 167€)

9 & Other Stories, 49€

10 Paco Rabbane, 94€

11 River Island, 8€ (from 37€)

12 STAUD, 88€ (from 125€)

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