Hashtag by Lily Christmas gift guide selection


Christmas in two weeks! Gosh, insane how fast another year passed by. Are you celebrating Christmas? I know not everyone is looking forward to this time of the year. I personally do, because we always have these family moments that I treasure the most. I am celebrating with Nig’s family on the first day, my family on the second day and with my best friends on the third day. Christmas is one of those rare moments we are complete.

When I was young, I would make a wish list of things that I want for Christmas. Nowadays I just care about the quality time we spend together. Preferably without presents even!
Traditions will be traditions. We buy gifts for our families. I find giving more fun then receiving!

My strategy is getting inspiration in stores, blogs and magazines, making notes what to buy for whom. And then I sit down one evening and buy everything online!

In case you still need to do some gift shopping, I selected some gift ideas and a few of my favorite products for your inspiration. I grouped them in personas to make it easier.

What’s the best gift that you have ever given to someone?

For your mum


1. Slow juicer: Taylor swoden Jazz
If you have some budget, I think a slow juicer would be a nice gift for your mum, for a healthier lifestyle in 2019! :)

2. Sheet mask: Origins
One thing you can always make me happy with are sheet masks. I use 1 or 2 of them every week. One of the easiest way to boost your skin and pamper yourself.

3. Oil: La Mer
My mum is always over the moon when I give her something from La Mer. It's a luxury gift in a small bottle. If your mum has a dry skin, I can totally recommend this one. I finished two of these bottles myself already :D

4. Red Lipstick: YSL
You can never go wrong with a red lipstick that she can wear during the festive days and other parties. I have tested these from YSL, the color is really nice with a matt finish. 

5. Robot cleaner: Robot vacuum cleaner
This item is actually high on my own wish list haha. Give your mum a break by buying her a robot vacuum cleaner.

6. Candle: Marie Stella Maris
Any scented candle is always useful. It brings warm ambiance in any room with a characteristic smell. 

7. Thermo mug: Contigo
Maybe this is something "asian's", but we LOVE to collect thermo mugs! :D

8. Perfume: Jo Malone London
Perfume is very personal, yet it's a really nice gift to give. If you don't know what the person you give is to like, you can go for the signature scent of Jo Malone London that you can use as first layer. It's an amazing base scent that I can recommend. 

For your boyfriend, brother & dad


1. Shirt: Ralph Lauren
If your partner is a business man like mine, they can always use a new shirt for work. You can't go wrong with a white or blue one. Gentiliuomo is also a really beautiful Italian brand that Nig loves to wear.

2. Cardslide: Secrid
Most guys that I know, don't use a wallet anymore, but instead they have a really small card slider.

3. Shirt: Gant
Again, if you really don't know what to buy for your partner, you can always opt for some good basic that they will wear for sure. 

4. Power bank: Trust
Any power bank will make people with devices really happy. 

5. Watch: Apple Watch
The best smart watch that I have tested. If your guy is an Apple lover, this might be a really nice option to surprise him big time!

6. Socks: Alfredo Gonzales
Everyone can use new socks. It's something you hate to buy yourself, but love to receive. 

7. Air pods: Apple
The sound of the Apple ear pods are really amazing. Of course it's super nice that it's wireless and smart (you can tap on it for the next song, this is what I call a smart gadget).  

8. Game: Sequence
One of my favorite games ever. I'm sure you will be hooked after you've played it. It's really easy and you can play it with 2,3,4,6,8,9 people. 

For your sister


1. Toner tab: Lush
Anything from Lush is a nice gift to give. It's all natural, sustainable and affordable!

2. Hair brush: Aveda
For a sis with long (thick) hair.

3. Book: Feed your Wanderlust
The best gift would be a trip with your sis for some quality time. But you can start small with the Wanderlust book for all tips and ideas ;)

4. Belt: &OtherStories
For your sis you can go a little extra, personally I would be very happy with this belt for example!

5. Card holder: Gucci
Does she love Gucci? This card holder might be THE best gift she will receive this year.

6. Smart watch: Fossil
For a stylish girly smartwatch I can recommend this one from Fossil. I wear this one myself. It's even possible to switch the straps to match with the outfit.

7. Necklace: Mi Moneda 
At Mi Moneda you can personalize your jewelry with a name or sign. For example, I have one of their pendants with my family name in Chinese character craved on the back.

8. Moisture surge hydrating: Clinique
A skin beauty moisturizer that I can recommend is this one from Clinique.

9. Legging: Adidas by Stella McCartney
Do you have a sporty sis? Buy her a sport outfit!

10. Sport top: Adidas by Stella McCartney
Go for a complete set ;)

11. Eye shadow palette: Zoeva
A very affordable eye shadow palette that I can recommend! Love the warm color scheme of this version.

For your girl friend


1. Curl ironer: Babyliss
I can't live without my BaByliss ironers. I'm a proud BaByliss ambassador. The curl iron of 32mm or 38mm are my go-to every day. Depending on the type and length of your girlfriend's hair, this can be a wonderful gift!
(Check out my BaByliss how-to posts here)

2. Perfume: YSL
I recently received this YSL Black Opium perfume and I am obsessed with it. Your friend can use this for her evening outs!

3. Eye cream: Origins 
I can't live without eye creams. I think it's so important to use it to avoid early aging.

4. Scarf: &OtherStories
A stylish scarf for a fabulous friend.

5. Jade roller: The Cou Cou Club
There are many versions of the Jade roller on the market these days. I haven't tried one yet, but that won't be for long. I have heard many great stories about it. This one from The Cou Cou Club you can personalise it by printing the name of your friend on the roller!

6. Fragrance sticks: Rituals
Many scent related gift inspirations. This is always a great gift when you don't know what to give someone. 

7. Satin pillow case: Satin Sleepers
I sleep on a Satin pillow (cover) every night. Even when I am traveling I always bring it with me. It's better for your hair and skin!

8. Book: Becoming; Michelle Obama
I have been following Michelle's book tour on Youtube. This woman is soooo inspiring. I know Nig has bought this for me already for Christmas and I can't wait to read it!

9. Bra: &OtherStories
A sexy gift for your beautiful friend. The wireless triangle bras is super pretty, mostly for smaller boobs though.