Christmas Gift inspiration

Christmas Giftguide HashtagByLily

Christmas Giftguide Inspiration

Christmas is already around the corner. Slowly but surely I’m getting into the mood. We will be setting up the tree this weekend and the classic Christmas playlist is constantly blasting. I’m very grateful that I get to spend quality time with my family. Although food will have our biggest excitement during these gatherings, the gift giving has a part in the celebration too.

I will never change. Every year I hate myself for doing my Christmas gift shopping the very last minute. This gift guide helped me a lot already and hopefully it will bring you some ideas for your loved ones.

I wish you a merry Christmas making beautiful memories, if you celebrate it! I will come back with my 2019 evaluation and goals for 2020 by the end of the year!

X Lily

1⋆ Girlfriend

1) Heatable Cherry Pit Pillow ∙ Treets ∙ €10,99 

For everyone who suffers from muscle pains, period pains or cold feet I recommend this Cherry Heatable pillow. It is a 100% natural product and you can heat it up easily in the microwave.

2) Shining Moment Kit ∙ Mac Cosmetics ∙ €29,50

When I went to the release of Mac Cosmetics Christmas collection I was in awe of the glitters. I love this multi-functional shining moment kit which includes a set of mini glitter, lipglass, and a retro matte liquid lipcolour in fuchsia and red tones. 

3) Necklaces ∙ Mi Moneda Jewelry ∙ €120

The jewelry from Mi Moneda are customizable. You can change up the pendants as they come in the cutest designs matching your mood. I wear my necklace every day for years now.  

4) Cross Body Bag / Wallet ∙ HVISK ∙ €75

The playful and colorful bags from HVISK a Vegan Danish brand are perfect for gifting. The bags have a crocodile texture and other fun prints and colors. Besides the bags they have matching wallets as well.

5) Bathbombs ∙ Lush Cosmetics ∙ €5,50

When you enter a Lush store you respire the delicious scents from the bath bombs to the shower jellies and creams.  Every year Lush releases their Christmas collection. Here I featured the cutest Christmas bath bombs for ‘treat yourself time’!

6) Slippers ∙ Warmbat Australia Mungo ∙ €44,99

These fluffy pink slippers are definitely the perfect Christmas gift to be super comfortable this winter! Very cute, durable and made from 100% Australian Merino wool. 

7) Jewellery box ∙ Stackers ∙ €36

As much as we love wearing jewellery, we also want to store them safely. For the jewellery lovers I recommend the stylish range of store boxes and travel cases from Stackers.

8) Wireless Charger ∙ Ideal of Sweden ∙ €99

This sparkly, stylish, designed wireless Qi-Charger makes a great gift for those who tend to forget where they left their tangled-up phone charger. Ideal of Sweden is known for their range of stylish phone accessories which are also handmade and sustainable.

9) Perfume ∙ Lancôme Idôle ∙ €60,65

This was my favorite perfume of 2019! I love the florescent essence and the message behind the campaign as it stands for women empowerment. A great gift loved by many women.

10) Phone case ∙ Not Another Bill €47,84

I mentioned this phone case in my monthly favorites. Not-Another-Bill clear cases are scratch resistant and you can personalize it with text and a phone cord.

2⋆ Mom

Christmas Giftguide Girlfriend Hashtag By Lily

1) Dyson Air Wrap  ∙ €599

With the Dyson Air Wrap you can achieve a salon like blow-out result. Everytime that I style my hair using the Dyson I get many compliments. The perfect to gift for the mothers out there!

2) Letter Mug ∙ Anthropologie ∙ €14

Tea time! These letter mugs are gold, floral and dishwasher proof. I suggest adding some of your favorite tea with it as it makes a cute gift to give away.

3)  Facetrainer ∙ MILU ∙ €44,24

This facial workout using the MILU tool changes up your skincare routine. Using circular motions for 5-10 minutes you can achieve an amazing glow as it makes your skin feel tighter and more youthful.

4) Roses ∙ GraceFlowerBox ∙ €19,95

I received these so called infinity roses two years ago and they are still so pretty till this day. The infinity roses are freshly picked and preserved. The bouquet lasts up to three years and makes such a beautiful gift.

5) Roomspray ∙ MILU ∙ €69

Marie-Stella-Maris is a Dutch Brand who have a range of skincare and luxurious home fragrances my favorite scents are white tea and citrus. 

6) Skincare ∙ Origins ∙ €32,97

The skincare set wrapped in a festive Christmas cracker includes an SPF Tinted Moisturizer, refreshing eye cream, peel off mask and gel moisturizer. It is my favorite product line from Origins.

7) Perfume Diffuser ∙ Rituals ∙ €99

The Perfume Genie 2.0 by Rituals, is a perfume diffuser with wireless control where you can customize the intensity of the unique perfume cartridges using your smartphone or home device. An innovative yet stylish way to enlighten your home. 

8) Steamer ∙ Philips ∙ €69,99

The Philips Steam & Go is a Handheld Garment Steamer which can be used to de-crease difficult-to-iron areas and is safe to use on all fabrics. For mother who are used to ironing, steaming is time effective and easy to use!

3⋆ Boyfriend

Christmas Giftguide Girlfriend Hashtag By Lily

1) Camera ∙ Instax S6Q ∙ €599

Polaroid photos will never get old, with the Instax S6Q you can manually choose to print the photos so you make sure you always have the perfect pic!

2) Sweater ∙ Ralph Lauren ∙ €169

You can never go wrong with a nice sweater for a man’s gift. I found this cute Polo bear illustrated sweatshirt by Ralph Lauren.

3) Skincare ∙ Kiehl's ∙ €47

The starter skincare kit for men is essential for the basic skincare routine. The pampering gift set for grooming and smooth skin includes a moisturizer, energizing scrub, shave cream and scrub soap.

4)  Waterbottle ∙ Dopper ∙ €24,50

Goal for 2020 drink more water and stay hydrated! This water bottle by Dopper is sustainable made from stainless steel that keeps warm beverages.

5) Socks ∙ QNOOP ∙ €14,95

Knoop means button in Dutch because we design all our socks with a button on the one and a loop on the other. Tie your socks together before washing and never lose a sock again! Pretty smart, pretty sustainable!

6) Shaver∙ BRAUN∙ €69

For everyday shavings a man’s must have! This shaver by BRAUN makes sure that he is stubble free for a while.

7) Game ∙ What Do You Meme ∙ €31,95

This card game is truly hilarious ! The plot is to compete with each other to create the funniest meme by pairing Caption cards with the Photo Card in play. The player with the most funniest combinations wins.

8) Backpack ∙ Rains ∙ €99

Rains is known for their stylish raincoats however their waterproof backpacks are awesome. It has a matte finish and it comes in various colours. Great for travel and for work as it fits a laptop and everyday essentials.

4⋆ Dads

Christmas Giftguide Girlfriend Hashtag By Lily

1) Car Perfume ∙ Rituals ∙ €15,90

Enjoy the ride with the car fragrances by Rituals. It lasts to 8 weeks and is spread through the air ventilation system. The car perfume comes with a stylish wooden holder and they offer various scents refills.

2) Magic Bullet ∙ €49,95

Health is the most important resolution every year. “Force” your dad with a daily healthy boost by giving him the Magic Bullet, so he can create his own juices.

3) Fitness Ring ∙ My Motiv∙ €180

My motiv is a fitness tracker you can wear around your finger to keep on and wear 24/7, you capture every minute of your day and week to get a more complete view of your activity and sleep.

4)  Speaker ∙ SONOS ∙ €199

Somehow, every guy I know is a big fan of the SONOS sound systems. It’s a pricey gift, but apparently more than worth it. We have one at home, and the sound is pretty amazing!

5) E-reader ∙ KINDLE∙ €109,68

I was thinking what kind of books I can give my dad, but you can give them all! With the Kindle he can easily download his favorite books whenever he wants to.

6) Heattech Turtleneck ∙ UNIQLO∙ €19,90

I know my dad is a big Uniqlo fan, so anything Uniqlo will do. Actually, you will make anyone happy with the heattech collection from Uniqlo.  A must have for the winter!

7) Suitcase ∙ Samsonite ∙ €269

This slick design suitcase from Samsonite is ideal for the traveller! It's very lite and the Samsonite wheels are one of the smoothes to easily roll your baggage from place to place.

8) Wallet ∙ Walter Wallet ∙ €39

Most guys I know don't really use a wallet anymore. It's all about the cards these days. Something I have to get my dad on board with. Give it as a gift and he will see how handy it is!